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ZONIAN 1994 



Panama: A Tropical Medley 



Living It the Tropical Way 



Our Last Days in the Sun 



Still Bearing the Heat 



Making It Through the Medley 



Leading Us in Harmony 



Heated Minds Want to Know 



Tropic Tribes 



Hot Action in the Tropics 



Tropical Exposure 



Found in the Medley 



Cooling the Heat 



/ C/ ■- I C to ( 


r wo 



Krou^hoat V 0Ur 

b+inquishecj Career 

Sincerely , 






Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries 

1 994 ZONIAN 



UNIT 0925 
APO AA 34002 
TEL. f 507J 52-7896 

Hey, we're almost there! The Tropical Bunch of '94 soaks up the sun 
while looking ahead brightly to that glorious Q-day. 


„, . A N A N A 

The summer was great. It 
seemed to last forever. Dur- 
ing summer vacation, track 
of time and day were lost. 
August seemed far away and school 
was a distant, forgotten dream. But, 
as class schedules started arriving, 
the realization hit. School was start- 
ing again. The time to drag out the 
rested backpack and new school sup- 
plies was here. It was time to pack up 
and head back to the Tropical Med- 
ley, Balboa High School. 

The Tropical Medley has been 
dubbed so for various reasons. First, 
the obvious one. It is located in a 

tropical climate where the dress code 
consists mainly of shorts, jeans, and 

Mow, what makes it a medley? Look 
around. BUS is full of diverse ethnic 
groups and cultures. There are all 
kinds of people here. We all interact. 
Some people have travelled to differ- 
ent parts of the world. Others simply 
hail from them. You never know who 
you might meet. It all makes for an in- 
teresting school environment. 

As school began, there were mixed 
emotions. For many, this is their last 
year, while others have just begun 
their high school journey. There was 

the usual feeling of frustration and 
dislike towards school. But, generally 
there was excitement in the muggy 
tropical air as friends filled each other 
in on vacation anecdotes. 

Thus, the product, the beginning of 
the 1993-94 school year. Another 
year to start fresh, make more 
friends, and create even more memo- 
ries. With this introduction, we 
present you the Tropical Medley, the 
1994 BHS yearbook. We hope to cap- 
ture the year, through this pictorial 
essay, for you to remember. 

Men at work. Gabe Bacot, Ivan Rodriguez, and 
Bryan Lugo raffle out one of the various prizes 
that could be won at the Senior Reception. 

Don't get near me, I'm possessedl All excited 
about the new school year, Addy Kingdom is 
prepared to tackle the senior year she has 
been waiting for since kindergarten. 




It's hopeless. Tiffany Severson dreams of 
workless vacation days that are long gone. 

Happy days are here again. Although school 
isn't an event most students look forward to, 
you can't help but have fun. Howard Fulsom, 
James Lantry. and Bryan Pierce all express 
this theory. 

What a haml Looking for attention, our school 
mascot gives the camera his best side during a 
football game. 

hoto by D. White 

Student Life 

Vacation gossip. Tera Boozer and Michelle Dob- 
son talk about what they did over summer vaca- 
tion while waiting for the school bus to pick them 

Mot another yearl Sam Scribner sits in class won- 
dering where vacation went, and wishing he were 
anywhere but school. 

Senior Class Officers Show Their School Spirit: 
President Ivan Rodriguez, Vice President Nicole 
Nassiff, Secretary Nayda Nieves, and Treasurer 
Miggy Castro. 

Photo by J. Staha 


Student Life 

Why do we have to start school on a Thursday? 
Students Beth Larrabee. Kathy Lopez and 
Michelle Collins wait until the last possible 
second before entering the building on the first 
day of school. 

Photo by D. White 

Hallway happenings These underclassmen 
hope there's no seniors around to catch them 
stepping on the plaque! 

In the midst of the hustle 6f bustle Mrs. 

Monlouis, Band & chorus director, can't be- 
lieve the mayhem she sees in the hallway on 
the first day of class. 


Is it Friday yet? "Maru ' Aleman 
asks herself the same question 
asked by every student who ever 
attended school. 

Student Life 

Get a little closer. Striking up a 
conversation with Jesse Berger. 
John Blanchette checks to see if 
her agenda is full for Friday night. 


Living (f the Tropical Way 

Balmy breezes, radiant sunshine, palm trees sway- 
ing . . the Bahamas? Jamaica? Mope. It's, our very 
own, Panamal 
What is Student Life like in the tropics? It is eating lunch 
outside in the sunshine, bumming around the Breezeway 
with the warm breeze caressing you, and attending 
dances on clear, starry nights. One day you are enjoying a 
pleasant, relaxing nap, the next day you are getting hyped 
at a pep rally. It includes traveling to "the other side'' for 
the unique annual Jamboree football game. Student Life 
also consists of the ever-present cramming for tests and 
procrastinating on assignments. 

The tropical climate allows Student Life to extend be- 
yond the school boundaries. There is always time for a 
trip to the beach to surf, lay out, or just hang out with 
buddies. Take a trip further into Panama, and explore the 
"interior". Go out to an island and scuba dive. Student 
Life in Panama is about having fun in the sun and taking 
advantage of the weather, without actually having to drop 
out of school. 

Student Life 


On the morning of 
September 3, five 
queens ventured 
over to the Atlantic side to 
represent the football 
teams who chose them. 
Dressed in comfortable 
traveling garb, Rachel Bot- 
tin, Jessica Staha, Sarah 
Beattie, Rachel Gomez, 
and Nayda Nieves gathered 
in the main office at BHS 
and were soon off in their 
royal van to Cristobal High 

Following a speedy lunch 
upon their arrival, the 
queens were lead to a 
locker room where they 
prepared for their annual 
presentation to the entire 
CHS population at their 
Jamboree Pep Rally. The 
Tiger Queen, Laura 
Kramer, was there, already 
dressed and waiting. 

"I was kind of nervous," 
said Sarah Beattie, "but it 
wended up not being so 
bad. The students seemed 
so anxious to meet us all 
that I didn't really have 
time to get embarrassed." 

After representing their 
teams at the Cristobal Pep 
Rally, the queens had a 
couple hours to spare until 
the festivities began. A 
quick trip back to the 
locker room gave the girls 
a chance to shed their 
dressy clothing and slip 
into something bummy. Af- 
terwards, a trek was made 
up to the teacher's faculty 
lounge to relax their royal 

"1 didn't really think go- 
ing to a rally could be no 
nerve wrecking and tiring," 

Student Life 

said Nayda Nieves, "I 
guess being a queen is 
harder than I thought!" 

Show time came quickly 
and when the queens real- 
ized what time it was, they 
knew they had to run down 
to the locker room before it 
became occupied by a foot- 
ball team. Some managed 
to squeeze into their gowns 
before a few people barged 
in, but the rest had to run 
around half ready, in 
search of somewhere more 
private to get dressed. After 
rushing into a JROTC room 
as a last resort because the 
door to get back into the 
school was locked, most of 
the queens were dressed. 
Minutes after the head of 
the JROTC department 
found out that the girls 
were dressing in there and 
had become enraged, the 
doors to the school and 
faculty lounge were opened 
up and the queens could 
continue dressing. 

"All that running around, 
now that I think about it, is 
kind of funny, even though 
it wasn't at the moment," 
said Jessica Staha. "That 
JROTC guy was really mad 
at us!" 

The rest of the evening 
was a breeze compared to 
that scenario. When the 
Jamboree Parade began, 
the Queens were seated on 
top of a truck and taken 
around the track. After 
their presentation, the 
queens were seated in the 
stadium to watch the offi- 
cial start of the 1993 Jam- 

by Rachel Gomez 

Pre-Jamboree bingel The girls enjoy a variety of treats such 
cookies, sodas, and even a traditional Panamanian dish called 

as chips 

Bad hair day? If so, it isn't a very appropriate time for queens Jessica 
Staha and Rachel Gomez as they get ready for the big event. 

Pep-rally previews. The six football queens give the camera a quick 
smile before presenting themselves to the gym full of CHS students. 

Cristobal Tiger Queen Laura 

Cougar Queen Nayda Nieves, M. 
1 Morgan and R. Reyes 

Kiwanis Queen Rachel Bottin 

Red Machine Queen Rachel Go- Green Devils Queen Jessica Staha Bulldogs Queen Sarah Beattie, R. 
mez, B. Archibold and H. Twohy J. Williford and Q. Underwood Underwood and T. Ellis 

Student Life 


Ahh J ust chlllingl Senior Class President 
Ivan Rodriguez relaxes after falling during 
■ Izzy Dizzy". 

What am I doing here? Tony Usera is deep in 
thought as he walks outside the Amador Offic- 
ers' Club. 

"Hey, look down there." Vanessa Hernandez 
points something out to her peers who all react 

Photo by J. Staha 


A Great Way To Heat Up For The Upcoming Year 

Sunday, September 26, 1993, 
was the place to be for Se- 
niors. Amador Officers' Club 
was where the annual Senior 
Reception was held. The Class of '94 
came together to celebrate their 
newly attained Senior Status. 

Seniors and teachers danced to the 
music of DJ's Tyler Quinn and Gabe 
Bacot. Other activities included 
games of volleyball, soccer, and ulti- 
mate. "Izzy Dizzy" was the highlight 
event as Senior Class President Ivan 

Rodriguez-Mesa provided his fellow 
peers with something worthy of 
laughter, by falling flat on his back. 
Raffles were held and a memorable 
event was the performance by Mrs. 
Sosa, Mrs. Alvarado, and Mr. Waugh 
dancing to "their music" and show- 
ing the crowd hidden talent. 

"I had a really good time just hang- 
ing out with everyone," said Senior 
Kari Syrdahl. Senior Class Vice-Presi- 
dent Nicole Nassiff agreed, "The Se- 
nior Reception was the perfect event 

to initiate our senior year." 

In the end, the reception party re- 
sulted in a great success. It was sur- 
prisingly more fun and enjoyat le 
than most seniors had anticipate d. 
Gabe Bacot summed it up best >y 
saying, "I thought it was going o 
suck, but it turned out to be rea ly 
cool and memorable." 

Story by Kari Syrd; hi 
and Michelle K 10 

Photo by D. White 

Taking a break. James Lantry. Megan Ke ) 
and fellow Seniors enjoy a pause during the 
nior Reception. 

Plotting something? Ms. Manchester, Mrs. 
Webley. Mr. Anderson. Mrs. Alvarado. and Mr. 

I Brucr look guilty. 

Student Life 

Student Life 


Students And Teachers Show Spirit 

Halloween '93 was cele- 
brated at BHS with the an- 
nual Halloween Costume 
contest and classroom 
door competition. Mrs. Company's 
Senior English class won the door 
decoration contest. Her creative stu- 
dents made a cave complete with 
haunting music and dry ice going as 
students entered her room. The cos- 
tume contest was held during lunch 
outside the main building. Students 
and faculty paraded around the mon- 
ument while the judges viewed the 
costumes. Each costume was judged 
on the basis of creativity, originality, 
and special effects. First place was 
won by Andrea Alvarado for her out- 
standing MIME act. Second place was 
earned by Torre McDade for his fe- 
male impersonation "Towanda". 
Tony Worthington took third place for 

his Dracula costume and make-up. 
The students each won CASH 
awarded by the Student Association 
and the Door contest winner won a 
pizza party also paid for by the S.A. 

Many faculty members participated 
in the fun as well. Mrs. Corbett won 
an honorable mention for her excel- 
lent portrayal of her daughter. Gin- 
ger. She wore some of Ginger's 
clothes, shoes and carried her guitar. 
Mr. Waugh came to school dressed as 
a Genie, but he looked like an old Al- 
addin instead! Mrs. Sosa, Ms. Hans, 
Mrs. Fisher, Mr. Fendrich, and Mr. 
Waugh dressed as STRESS pump- 
kins. Other costumes worthy of note, 
but not cash winners were the "MARX 
SISTERS ", the clowns, belly-dancer 
and animal acts. As usual, this Friday 
before Halloween was kicked off by 
fun and frolic in the halls at BHS. 

It's Lassie, it's Benji, no wait-it's Beethoven! 
Mr. Koechlein fools us all with his clever dis- 
guise on Halloween. 

Jack is back-bigger and better than before! 
Coming to us from Mr. Koechlein's pumpkin 
patch, this huge fruit was one way to express 
the Halloween spirit. 


Student Life 


Just clowning aroundl Brent Smiley maintains 
his balance while showing off his juggling tal- 

Peekaboo, guess who? After performing her 
mime routine, Andrea Alvarado earned herself 
the first place prize in the contest. 




Student Life 


BHS Students Attend Annual Health Fair 

The Balboa High School 
Health Fair was held on Fri- 
day, October 28, in the BHS 
gym. Demonstrations and 
displays were offered at the various 
booths showing the many aspects of 
health awareness. Quest speakers 
were also invited to attend and edu- 
cate the students through lectures 
and visual displays. These included 
members of the Military Police, alco- 
hol and drug prevention groups, a 
dermatologist, and the Bonlac Dairy 
Company. This group offered sam- 
ples of their products. Other guests 
included the dance team, weightlift- 

ers, gymnastic routines, computer 
and CPR demonstrations. 

PRIDE distributed questionnaires 
and gave some students the chance 
to throw a pie at their favorite teacher 
in exchange for a correct question- 
naire. The Ecology club awarded a t- 
shirt for those who answered the 
questionnaire correctly. Medical and 
Dental check-ups were offered. BHS 
students in Health, Physical Educa- 
tion, Psychology and Science classes 
were invited to attend the Health Fair. 
Many students commented that this 
year's fair was a very successful edu- 
cational experience. 

Take thatl A one and only chance to legally 
splatter a big, creamy pie on a teacher s face 
goes to — Tony Miranda! 

5,6.7,8 The Precision Dance Team steps it 
up and demonstrates a fun, upbeat way to 
keep in shape. 

Student Life 

Popcom, anyone? Ms. Walls class booth of- 
fered airpopped popcom as a healthier alterna- 
tive to junk food snacks. 

«i m n 


Hey, Couch Potatoesl The Health Fair encour- 
aged everyone to get up and exercise instead 
of wasting away in front of the tube. 

Student Life 


Varsity Football Teams Heat Up The End Of The Season 

Down, Set, hut! It was No- 
vember 12, 1993. The last 
two football games of the 
season. The Curundu Cou- 
gars went head to head with the PCC 
Green Devils in the first game, while 
the Balboa Red Machine faced their 
Balboa counterparts, the Bulldogs, in 
the later game. Both games were 

long anticipated and in the end vic- 
tory was sweet for two teams, and los- 
ing was agony for the other two. In 
the Cougars-Devils battle, many peo- 
ple were expecting a close match: 
"It'll be a close game, because the 
Cougars have been practicing hard, 
but so have we," Wilburt Reese, Dev- 
ils TB commented before the game. 

The final outcome was a 27-14 romp 
by the Devils. It was the Red-Bull- 
dogs game that made the night a 
memorable one. A deadlock made 
the game go into triple action over- 
time where Red prevailed by only 
one point. 

This year, BMS students went all out on deco- 
rating for the Homecoming floats. However 
there could only be one winner and first place 
went to the Juniors. Clockwise, from top, Soph- 
omore float, Junior Float, and the Senior Float. 

Student Life 

Reaching for the sky. Bulldog cheerleader 
Michelle Tirado piles up the "Frequent Flyer" 
miles as she soars in the "basket toss". 

Don't let him get away! Cougar running back 
Joe Shaha battles for tough yardage against 
swarming Qreen Devil defenders. 

The catchl Red Machine wide-out Efrain 
Sanchez goes high over the Bulldog double- 
coverage to tie the Homecoming Game. 

Student Life 

. . . Continued 

The Homecoming Court and 
coronation of the King and 
Queen are one of the high- 
lights of the event. This year 
Billy Wing and Nayda Nieves were 
crowned Homecoming King and 
Queen. The coronation took place 
during the Homecoming Dance at the 
Albrook Officer's Club, the night after 
the Homecoming Football Game. 

^Vv ^H 

WS "^H 

- ^ 

v jo HB 


Ht A m 


Senior Prince and Princess Robert 
Reyes and Miggy Castro. 

Junior Prince and Princess Sam 
NcGuiness and Katie Wilder. 

Homecoming Senior King and 
Queen, Billy Wing and Nayda Nieves. 



Senior Prince and Princess Drake 
Sprague and Rebecca Heard. 

Junior Prince and Princess Matt 
Sweeney and Rachel Gomez. 

Student Life 

Sophomore Princesses Julie Mat- 
thews and Tracy Singleton. Their es- 
corts were Herman Wilkinson and 
Cordova Hall. 

A group of Seniors await the an- 
nouncement for King and Queen of 
Homecoming '93. 

Senior Tony Cooksey flashes his 
pearly whites for the camera while he 
enjoys the dance. 

Student Life 


BHS Parents Go Back To School 

Who would ever think of their 
parents going "back to 
school?" Yet that is exactly 
what parents did on September 8, 
1993. Teachers prepared to inform 
parents about BUS in their 5-10 
minute classes. Having no home- 
work, parents didn't skip and paid 
great attention in class, just like their 
kids would-(yeah, right!). For lunch, 
parents were overwhelmed with 
goodies in the library such as donuts 
and coffee. Some even stopped to 
buy yearbooks and books on the his- 
tory of the Panama Canal School sys- 

But, whatever happened to the par- 
ents that unfortunately found them- 

selves stranded and hopelessly lost? 
Thank goodness MHS members were 
stationed throughout the halls mak- 
ing sure confused parents could find 
their way to "higher education". 

"Although what we did most of the 
night was stand around and talk to 
one another, it was nice to go about 
helping parents find their way around 
our school", MHS Senior Ana Sherry 
said. Afterwards some parents, teach- 
ers, and students stayed around talk- 
ing and predicting the new school 
year. Senior Michelle Kuo summed 
up the night with her comment: 
"Hopefully, my last year will be the 
most fun and memorable one of my 
high school years." 

"Smile, here comes my Moml" exclaims NHS 
member and Senior Jennifer Pownall as she 
works on the halls with fellow PIUS member 
Jessica Fenkoske on "Back to School night". 

Introducing the textbook. French teacher, Mrs 
Roa, goes over her course curriculum with pai 
ents during her short 10 minute period o 
"Back to School Might". 

Student Life 

Velcome back Class of '941 The huge banner, 
nade by the Senior Class officers, welcomed 
>acK many students as well as their parents on 
"Back to School night.'' 

Mo cheatingi As one parent glances at an- 
others paper, Mrs. SeiU debates on what else 
she should inform her "students." 


Photos by M. Schullz 

Getting back to Shakespeare. A. P. English par- 
ents try hard not to fall asleep in their "night- 
time" 1st period class. 

Student Life 


It's midnight and 
you just 
watching your 
favorite television show. 
You decide that it's a good 
time to start your 
homework. Right when you 
are almost done, you 
remember you have a major 
test. You panic and look at 
the clock. It is already 
1:45 am and you're finally 
beginning to get sleepy. 
You start cramming for 
your test and after an hour 
of studying, you decide to 
call it quits. You hope to 
get around three hours of 
sleep before having to get 
to school. It feels like 
only three minutes ago 
that you fell asleep when 
your mom rudely awakes 

you. You get to school, but 
don't quite remember how. 
You're in class and can't 
make any sense of what the 
teacher is saying. You are 
fighting to keep your eyes 
open, but they're winning 
the battle. Everything 
starts to sound far away, 
and before you know it the 
ringing of the bell awakes 
you. Test time comes 
around and you are too 
tired to concentrate on 
anything but sleeping, 
last school conies to an 
end! You arrive at home, 
but amazingly aren't tired 
any longer. Does this 
sound familiar? Kind of 
like deja vous? Of course! 
This is the life story of 
most students at BHS. 
By: Jenilee Szymanski 

A few minutes of sleep can do 
wonders for the mind. Work" can 
sure wear one out. Shannon 
Holmes stretches in a comer to 
sleep the period away. 

Midnight exhaustionl After staying 
up all hours to work on yearbook. 
Monlque Carbonell finally falls 
asleep at school in the cozy Year- 
book room. 

Student Life 

Student Life 




Locker Preservation 

ror some people, a locker 
isn't just a place to dump 
your books. It is a reflection 
of your personality. As the 
year progresses, the collection of par- 
aphernalia grows. There are more 
pictures to put up, more books to 
store, and tons of paper to put away. 
A locker may not be grand in size, 
but, miraculously, it holds it all. Not 
only does it hold, it seems to swallow 
your stuff. Why is it that the day you 
need a book or homework, you can't 
find it? You know you put it in your 
locker. It should be in there — some- 

The amount of days until school is 
out dwindles down, then the day ar- 
rives — locker clean-out day. All the 
belongings must go. As you take 
down each picture, you recall the mo- 
ments spent in the past year. Little by 
little, the locker is stripped of its life. 
Suddenly, all your lost belongings 
turn up. All the homework you ever 
needed, but never got a hold of, ma- 
terialize in the form of a stack below 
everything you didn't need. 

Finally, it remains empty. It marks 
the closing of another school year 
survived — and the arrival of vaca- 

t' '-** 


Mixed Emotions. Nayda Nieves displays every- 
thing in her locker from a hot guy to an aware- 
ness ad of child labor. 

RAIDI If you look closely at the top left of this 
picture, you will notice a roach that Adam 
Boyko courageously captured and displayed 
as a trophy for his locker. 


Student Life 

Top 10 Things Found 
In A Locker 

1. A collection of 
over-due books. 

2. Last week's half- 
eaten lunch. 

3. Part of your ex's 

4. Most of your 
current flame's 

5. Pictures of 
everyone and their 

6. Books...and more 

7. Mirrors of all 
shapes and sizes. 

8. A shelf thing-a- 

9. Cool scribbles made 
during boring lectures. 

10. Cockroaches...? 

1 in 

"Cool-Man" Jennie Ullrich wins the style 

award for "Most Original Locker Design". 
(Photo by J. Szymanski) 

Student Life 


• • 

And Overcome The Obstacles In The Tropics 

The future of rock n' roll. Jammin' at one of 
the BHS trips, Michael Chase is in deep con- 
centration as he practices guitar. 

Weird science. Sometimes you can make the 
world go round and round as Ben Smith dem- 
onstrates by turning the globe. 

You see, you have to pick your teeth like this 
. . . Michael Fisher and David Choi exchange a 
few words before heading to their next class. 


Whose hose are those? Must we guess? It's 
none other than Missy Davis not wanting to be 
noticed just wanting to be ignored ..? 

Big bow-bowsl Seniors Juan Acevedo and 
Bernie Santana clown around sporting "big 
bows'' that were used for decorating the halls 
at Christmas. 

Student Life 


A Glimpse At How Students Get Over The Heat 

Catching airl William Hinkle per- 
forms a move on his skateboard at 
Qoethals fountain where he and 
the rest of the group hang out. 



The Tropical Climate Gets To The Students 

The horrific twosome 1 Expressing 
their "other" faces. Miggy Castro 
and Christine Lively show their 
true colors. 

Uhhhhhh . don't tell me-the ve- 
nus fly trap? The stress finally gets 
to Tyler Quinn as he tries to es- 
cape the SEMIORIT1S syndrome by 
exercising his facial muscles. 

Cursedl The senior year has fi- 
nally taken its toll on Amanda 
Spurlock. With all the schoolwork 
and activities that go on, one can't 
help but make a face. 

Student Life 

"There's something in my eye" 
. . . "there's something in my 
mouthl" Feeling a bit irritated, 
Mike Drennan and James Lantry 
don't disguise their discomfort. 



Our Last Days in the Sun 

The last year. The Class of '94, the seniors, the 
upperclassmen-all on the last journey. After 
working and toiling for years, relief runs through 
the veins of the seniors. There is a preconceived 
notion that 'the last year" is a breeze and will fly by. But 
this, as many know, is not always true. During the course 
of the 12th grade, many students seem to be struck with a 
sudden disease-SEMIORITIS. The symptoms include: lack 
of interest in classes, absolutely no desire to do any 
homework, not caring about grades, and basically saying, 
"Forget it!" to anything related with school. Then, there 
are those who tend to go the other way and stress about 
everything, and bum out. The ones in between these ex- 
tremes find this year is no different to any other, take ev- 
erything in stride, and move on. Either way, there's one 
general goal in common-getting that diploma and getting 

The friends made and things experienced will provide 
memories to take along with them as they move on to cre- 
ate new lives. The Class of '94 will not soon forget their 
last days in the sun as they leave the warm climate of the 
Tropical Medley. 






CLASS OF 1994 







Roberto A. Abrego 

Juan P. Acevedo 

Anthony L. Aird 

Maria E. Aleman 

Tanya Arocho 

Gabriel Bacot 

Damaris J. Batista 

Jennifer L. Baumgardner 

Jessica M. Baumgardner 



Adam P. Beach 

Daniel Beitia 

Toybe I. Bennett 

Gian Carlo Bianchini 

Dawn E. Bilgray 

Dannielle E. Bingham 

> --v 2 



■k i£« 1J 



^h jm- - 

Carole M. Bourheau 

Andrea Brandenburg 

Ross E. Brayton 

Fermin I. Broce 

Marlene Bustamante 

Thamara Caballero 

Ivette Nilda Camacho 

Randy G. Campbell 

Monique A. Carbonell 

Carlo Castillo 

Marimar Castrellon 

Migdalia L. Castro 



Itzel M. Chang 

Norman D. Charleville I 

Bruce A. Chastain 

David Tae-Sung Choi 

Martha Clark 

Chelsea M. Coffey 

Choi Collins 

Lourdes M. Constante 

Carrie A. Corona 


C D Corrigan 

Samantha E. Cowling 

Brachett S. Crocker 

Chad A. Crouch 

Alvaro R. Cruz 

Ben Cuite 

Laura J. Cuthbert 





Horacio A. Decerega Christina M. Del Hoyo 

Carlos E. Deleon 

Wilfredo Delgado 

Susan M. Doughty 

Melinda S. Erickson 

Jaime L. Evans 

Alexander feliu 

Arnold Q. Ferguson 

Walter Fernandez 

Paul Fischbach Jr. 

Michael C. Fisher 


Ronald J. Garrido 

Roberto E. George 

Diva M. Gittens 

Shawn C. Golembieski 

Luis Jose Gonzalez 

April L. Goodno 

David D. Goodno 

Dinorath P. Grajales 


Emil S. Griffin 


Carla V. Guerra 

Anabel Gundin 

Alvaro E. Gutierrez 

Joe Gutierrez 

Amy S. Hamilton 

Chuck K. Hamilton 

Rebecca L. Heard 

John J. Henriquez 

Victor O. Hernandez Jr. 

Vanessa E. Hernandez 

Maria V. Hert 

Garth E. Higgins 

WilliamS. Hinkle Jr. 

Brandy M. Holder 

Shannon W. Holmes 

Trevor B. Huddleston 

Amir Humo 

Jessie Husband 

Shondre M. James 



Juanita Ann Jordan 

Megan J. Kelly 

Sharol K. Kelly 

Teralee R. Kemp 

Adrienne J. Kinghom 

Jeanette Y. Knisley 

Lisa Korolyshyn 


Arthur R. Krapfl Jr. 

Michelle A. Kuo 


Naomi S. Legate 


James T. Lantry 

Christine E. Lively 

Karen J. Lee 

Tatiana Llach 

Kimberley Y. Lee 

Rahul D. Long 

Joel Lopez 

Joseph P. Lopez 

Scott A. Lowry 

Luis R. Lozano 

Bryan M. Lugo 

William J. Luttrell 

Christine M. Maduro 

Karina E. Manning 

Jesse P. Marotta 

Ami L. Marribitt 

Carlos H. Martinelli 

Angela M. Marx 






7\M tv 

Audra A. Matheney 

Tiffany D. McAllister 

Ryan D. McConaughey 

Milton McKay 


Wendy McKelvey 

Daphne D. McWhorter 

Karen D. Meyer 

Nichelle M. Miller 

■ JsT - 

m^t JM* \ ^flBflB 




■^Ef ^ y 




Antonio L. Miranda 

Jahaira Montalvo 

William T. Moore 

Nishawne J. Moran 

Takashi Murata 

Nicole M. Nassiff 

Gregory S. Nevin 

Wesley A. Nicolls 

Nayda J. Nieves 

Peter J. Norman 

Cedric J. Obert 

Joseph J. Olivares 



Henry O. Ollendick 

Tanja M. Ortiz 

Ruth Ostrander 

Midori Oura 

Juan Palacio 

Leonardo Paredes 

Jessica R. Penkoske 

Shanna Phelps 

Brian Pierce 

(Catherine L. Pierre 

Ryan D. Poggenpohl 

William H. Pohl 




^L."*^^ ^P 

^r ( 


Heidi M. Ratliff 

Robert F. Reyes 

Erika D. Ricketts 

Christopher J. Riley 

Latoya T. Rines 

Peter Rivas 

Carmen E. Rivera 

Jeniffer L. Roach 

JoniseffM. Robinson 

Patricio S. D. Roca 

Ivelisse K. Rodriguez 

Ivan Rodriguez-Mesa 

Elisa M. Rojas 


Fidel Rolon 

Ingrid L. Romagnoli 

Helmut F. Roner 

Cascade D. Roubik 

Brian T. Rowley 

Derek D. Rowley 

Ricardo A. Salterio 

Efrain E. Sanchez 

Bernardo Santana III 

Vivian M. Santiago 

Ernesto Schnack 


Marie A. Schulz 

Shawn K. Scott 

Morgan Seppy 

Joseph W. Shaha 

Tanaiya R. Shaw 

Ana L. Sherry 

Amy C. Shie 

John Slouther 


mm '^^^ 

/ i 

A. ^( 


W f/J^^L 'j 


■ /Z^H ~^^^m 


V '^H ^H 

^ fM 

^k *^B 

Benjamin D. Smith 

Kenneth J. Smith 

Charlotte M. Souffront 

Drake H. Sprague 

Crystal Sterf 


Jenilee A. Szymanski 


Valerye M. Spratling 

Jessica A. Staha 

Renee H. Stewart 

Brian M. Swenty 

Carlos M. Tapanes 

Sebastian Tapia 

Evelyn J. Spencer 

Eddie G. Stanford 

Kari M. Syrdahl 

Johanna N. Tate 

Heather A. Thompson 

Jesse C. Thompson III 

John E. Thompson Jr. 

Carla G. Torrazza 

Suzanne Trippany 

Marcia Tunon 

Henry B. Twohy III 

Vanessa L. Uhorchak 

Jennifer L. Ullrich 

Shem D. Unger 

Mildred A. Vasquez 

Michelle C. Versailles 

Lance C. Von Hollen 

Riuw Watanabe 

Julie A. Webeck 

Edgar H. Weeks 




Oscar Q. Zapata 

Joseph R. Zornes 


Luis A. Juliao 


Tyler Ross Quinn 

Cesar Lou 

Stephen J. Daily 

Jennifer Young 


The Backbone Of Student Life At BHS 

Organizing activities is the 
job of the Student Associa- 
tion. The BHS S.A. is re- 
sponsible for most of the 
fall activities which revolve around 
the Varsity Football schedule. From 
planning the Jamboree and Home- 
coming Pep Rallies for the student 
body during the school day, to run- 
ning the Homecoming court elec- 
tion, parade and dance, the S.A. is 
busy right at the beginning of the 

school year. Another vital function 
of the S.A. is to run the school store 
during lunch. The "S.A. store" pro- 
vides an income to individual 
groups at BHS who need to raise 
funds for their activities. At the helm 
of all this planning is the S.A. Spon- 
sor, Mr. Darren Dean. He holds 
weekly early morning meetings with 
the S.A. officers to keep things run- 
ning smoothly. 

S.A. Officers: L to R: Angie Marx, Heather Th- 
ompson, Chelsea Coffey, and Rebecca Heard. 
S.A. Sponsor is Mr. Darren Dean. 



Abrego, Roberto "Tito" 
Football, Track, Baseball, Soccer, 
JROTC, Bushmasters, Drillteam 
"Best message is "Just do it."" 

Aleman, Maria "Maru" 
SADD, Spanish Club, French Club 
"To be happy, drop the words 'if 
only' and substitute instead the 
words 'next time'." 

Allen, Leah 

Tennis, BHS, JROTC "Take it one 
day at a time." 

Alvarado, Andrea 

"The body makes the sand, but the 
soul prints the path." 

Arias, Donovan 

Football, Cayuco, Ultimate, Partying 
"Canal Zone Rules Forever" 

Arnold, Karl S. "Pepon" 
Cougars Football, Soccer, Bulldogs 
Baseball "Pepona, I'll never 
forget you!" 

Arocho, Tanya "Pretty Girl" 
Swimming, Walking, Peer Helper, 
Helping at Howard Teen Center 
"To all those who knew me and know 
me, well I'll miss you and don't 
forget me. Good-bye Class of 1 994. 
Susan, Thank you for everything. 
It's just the beginning." 

Bacot, Gabriel "Gabe" 
Football, Tennis " I plan to take 
over Rock Cafe and conquer the 
world. L.B.C. 4-ever C.C., H.T., 
T.D., J.Z., T.Q., G.B., B.S. Que sopa!! 
Ra loco, Raa!" 

Ballesteros, Ritto "Chango" 
Football, Soccer 
"Be all you can't be." 

Batista, Damans "Flaca" 
Basketball, Volleyball, Go to Parties, 
Movies "Don't use drugs." 

Bourbeau, Carole 

Soccer, Tennis, Honor Chorus, 

Spanish Club 

Baumgardner, Jennifer 

Dance Team Co-Captain, Band, 
French Club, Art Club, NHS 
"Good Luck to the Class of '94 and 
thanks for the memories. Charlie- 
Don't forget C.B.S. and J.K.! Thanks 
for being there. Love ya'!" 

Beach, Adam "Snow" 
Bulldogs Football, All-Isthmian 
Green Devils Soccer - Captain. 
"Licky Boom Boom Down" 

Bennet, Toybe "Old Dog" 
JROTC "I get around." 

Bilgray, Dawn 

Cheerleading, Football Manager, 
Volleyball, Basketball "I just want 
to thank my family and friends for 
ail the support and memories. I 
wish everybody luck." 

Bingham, Dannielle "Danny" 
Soccer, Swimming, Softball, Drama, 
Letterman's Club 

"Your life is a book and only you can 
be the author." 

Boozer, Stacey R. 

NHS, BHS, Ecology Club, Drama 
Club, Secretary of Thespian Honor 
Society, Youth for Christ, Yearbook, 
Select Chorus 

"I thank the Lord for blessing me 
with a supportive family, wonderful 
friends, and for carrying me this 
far." Romans 8:38-39. 

Brandenburg, Andrea 

Softball "I am happy because 1 1 
a Senior and this is my last year. 


Brayton, Ross 

Skiing, basketball, swimming, 
tennis, partying "K.M.A.F. Class of 

Broce, Fermin 

Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, 
Spanish Club, Christian Groups 
"Good luck to all seniors after 
graduation of '94." 

Brooks, Deron 

Basketball "Big up your Chess!!! 
and don't stay here more than 3 

Camacho, Nilda Ivette "Choi a, 


Volleyball, Cougars Cheerleader, 

water sports, Senior Teen Center, 

"To all the young people out there, 

enjoy life before doing anything!" 

Carbonell, Monique 

Softball, SADD, Spanish Club, BHS, 
Junior Vice-President, Photography 
Club, Yearbook, Model U.N., DARE 

Castro, Migdalia L. "Miggy" 
Red Machine Soccer Manager, Senior 
Class Treasurer, Spanish Club 
President, Spanish Honor Society, 
Business Club. "The moments of the 
present are our memories forever. 
Don't forget them ever!" 

Chang, Itzel 

SADD-President, Business Club, 
Spanish Club, Spanish Comparsa 
"Always enjoy everything you do." 

Charleville, Norman III 


Baseball "Dream to the stars, live 

to reach your dreams, reach." 


Chastain, Bruce 

All-Isthmian Soccer-captain, All- 
Isthmian Track-captain, Green 
Devils Football Team. 

Choi, David Tae-Sung 

Volleyball, NHS , BHS, Ecology Club, 
Computer Club, Spanish Club, 
Photography Ciub "Thanks for all 
your support: Mom, Dad, Ann, 
Lillian! Always follow your dreams 
and goals. Thanks to everyone for a 
great year." 

Coffey, Chelsea 

Swimming, NHS, SA, Thespians, 
Drama Club, Cayuco Captain, BHS, 
Ecology Club, Peer Helper, 
Newspaper Staff, Photo Club 
"Cherish the memories, but live for 
the future. Love to my family and 
friends. Thanks for everything." 

Collins, Choi "Short Thang" 
Basketball, Volleyball, Track, 
PRIDE, French Club, NHS, Parakeet, 
Photography Club, Vice-President of 
Sophomore Class, Drama Club, 
Thespian, Band "Thanks to my 
family and best friends, Felicia and 
Khristine for all the inspiration in 
my life. To all the dreamers, believe 
in yourself and the possibilities are 

Constante, Lourdes "Lula" 
Spanish Club, SADD "I would like 
to thank my mom and dad for all the 
support they gave me and a special 
thanks to all my friends for always 
being there when I needed them." 

Cooksey, Anthony "Tony (Gamboa 


Soccer, Football, Basketball, Tennis, 

Spanish Club, Letterman's Club 

"You only live once." 

Cooper, Melanie "Mel" 
Singing, Modeling, Dancing 

Cordoba, Tarina 

Swimming, Volleyball, Spanish 
Club, SADD "Everyone in this life 
is a very special person." 

Corrigan, Chris 

Football, Baseball, Volleyball, 
Tennis, Cayuco Race, NHS, BHS, 
Lettermen's Club. "LBC Forever!" 

Cowling, Samantha E. "Sam" 
"Life's too short. Live it up now." 

Crespo, John 

Homecoming Committee " 1 3 years 
of suffering." 

Crouch, Chad 

Football, Cayuco "Party Hard!!!" 

Cruz, Alvaro "Aguacate" 
Computer Club, Soccer 

Cuthbert, Laura 

Varsity Soccer, Varsity Volleyball, 
SHS, Spanish Club, Lettermen's 
Club, Biological Honor Society 
"Love to Mom and Betty, the special 
people that supported me. Thanks to 
Holly and Lauren for keeping me 
smiling. Couldn't have made it 
without you." 

Daily, Stephen 

Football, French Club, Business Club 
"To Mrs. Seitz: Thanks." 

Decerega, Horacio A. "Tony" 
Football, Cayuco, L.B.C., VH, 
"Become what you are." 

Delgado, Wilfredo "Willie" 
Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, 
Swimming, Chorus "I will 

Del Hoyo, Cristina "Cristy" 
JROTC Rifle Team, Dance Team 
manager, Spanish Club, Ecology 
Club, A Company 1 st Platoon leader 
"Thank you mom for everything you 
have done. I finally made it, I'm 

Drennan, Mike 

Soccer, Football, Baseball, 
Swimming, Track & Field, Art Club, 
Skateboarding. "We are stereotyped 
as hell-raisers because we skate. 
Thank you all who accepted us for 
what we were the few, the Group." 

Erickson, Melinda "Mel" 
Soccer, Green Devils Cheerleading, 
"The more enthusiastic we are, the 
more productive we become." GAD. 

Feliu, Alexander "Robocop" 
Basketball "Cougar Basketball is 
#1 ." 

Ferguson, Arnold "Fergi" 
Soccer, Ecology Club, SADD, French 
Club, Spanish Club "You will last 
long if you did what I did in High 

Fernandus, Byron "Jr" 
Track "Thanks to Mrs. George for 
everything she has done for me and 
to all the others who helped me too." 

Fernandez, Walter "Wally" 
Tennis, Volleyball, Cayuco, Ultimate 
"C.Z. Ruiz! Party Hard." 

Fischbach, Paul 

Baseball, Basketball, Tennis 
"Peace. I'm out!" 

Fisher, Michael 
Concert Band, Honor Band, BHS 
"Remember the times we shared 
will always come back to the 
roots of friendship." 




Frias, Luis A. "Megatron" 
"Stay in school and stay away from 

Fulsom, Howard "Chuck" 
Baseball, Skateboarding. "The group 
is all that. Brian is slamming, 
Chowder is dope, James is kicking. 
Will is crazy, Mickey is jamming, 
and I'm a tough guy." 

George, Roberto "Robert" 
Football, Baseball, Basketball 

Gittens, Diva "D" 

Volleyball. "I thank God for helping 
me through..." 

Golembiewski, Shawn 
Surfing, Tennis, Baseball. 
"I'm going to Hawaii, SEE YA ! " 

Gonzalez, Luis Jose "Polo" 
Varsity Football, Varsity Swimming, 
Martial Arts, Photography. 
"Don't follow the path that has been 
used- go your own way and do your 
own thing - Peace." 

Goodno, David Duaine "Dave" 
Lacrosse, Indoor Track, Mountain 
Biking, Yearbook. 
"You only live life once, but if you 
do it right, once is enough." 

Grajales, Dinorath "Dino" 
Green Devils Tennis, Green Devils 
Soccer, Red Machine Basketball, 
Dance Team. French Club- 
President, Football Manager, 
Spanish Club, Letterman's Club, 
\'?.l L'CCk, SADD, NHS, BHS, S.A. 
Class Secretary. 

Griffin, Emil "NIA" 

"Live free and have fun the rest of 

your life." 

Guerra, Caria 

French Club, Biological Honor 
Society, NHS, Art Club, Photography 
Club, Yearbook Staff, Dance Team. 

Gundin, Anabel 

Cougars Soccer Captain, All- 
Isthmian soccer, Red Machine 
Basketball, French Club, Ecology 
Club, Letterman's Club. "Live life 
like there's no tomorrow." Later. 

Gutierrez, Alvaro "EL Toro" 
Baseball, Football, "Two thumbs up 
to the "Chain Gang."" 

Gutierrez, Joe A. 

Football, Soccer, Track (Isthmian). 
"Que Sopa ?" 

Hamilton, Chuck 

Harris, Michael "B.D. B.K & 


Soccer, Basketball, SADD, KDL. 

"Don't drink and drive cause you 

might spill your drink." 

Heard, Rebecca 

BHS, NHS, SA sec, Drama Club, 
Thespians- Pres., Ecology Club, YFC, 
Peer Helpers. "Oklahoma", "Mouse 
that Roared", "Makin'lt". 
"Every experience God gives us, 
every person he puts into our lives 
is the perfect preparation for that 
future that only He can see. " 

Henriquez, John 

Tennis, Baseball. Computer Club, 
Business Club, French Club, Ecology 
Club, Biology Club. "The harder 
you work, the luckier you get."- 
Gary Player. 

Hernandez, Vanessa 

"Vany", "Nessa", "Tutta" 

Red Volleyball, BHS, THS, SHS, S.A. 

S.A.O., Drama Club, Ecology Club, 

Select Chorus, Christ Alive, PTAC. 

"God: thank you for always being 

there! Mom, Dad, Ata: I did it ! Dave, 

Mayra: Did you say RUN? Lunch 

Bunch: I couldn't have done it w/out 


Christ Alive: YBABOH! 

Class of '94: Take Care and God 


Hert, Maria 

Softball, Soccer, Basketball, 
Volleyball. Art Club, BHS, SADD, 
French Club, PRIDE, Photography 
Club, NHS, JROTC Usher Guard, 
Ecology Club. 

"I would like to say thanks to my 
family and friends for all the love 
and support they have given me 
throughout my high school years." 

Higgens, Garth 


Hinkle, William 

Skateboarding. "Fresh". 

Holmes, Shannon "longzlle" 
Basketball, Girls Basketball Coach. 
"Remember the name remember the 
face. See you all in the future and 
hope it is a bright one. Shot out to 
Mr Willy and Mom Love Ya both!!!" 

Humo, Amir 

Journalism, Newspaper. 

Husband, Jessie E. Jr. "Jay" 

Basketball, Baseball. 

"God made me black and by him I 

will be strong and of course 



Kelly, Megan 

Swimming, BHS, NHS, SHS, 
Thespians, Ecology Club. "In life, it 
doesn't matter where you end up, but 
how you choose to get there." 

Kelly, Sharol K. "FLACA" 
SADD, Spanish Club. "I wish the 
class of '94 good luck in the future 
and a special thanks to all my good 
friends that have made my senior 
year the best of all. 

Kemp, Teralee "Tera" 
Bulldogs Soccer, Red Cheerleader, 
Swimming, Cayuco- High Anxiety, 
Bulldog's Guys Soccer Manager, 
SADD secretary, BHS, NHS, SHS, 
Spanish Club. "The fault, dear 
Brutus, is not in our stars, but in 
ourselves, that we are underlings." 
- Julius Caesar 

Kinghorn, Adrienne "Addy" 
Soccer. Thespians. BHS, NHS, 
Ecology Club. " I am the Walrus, we 
are the eggmen, cu, cu, cachu... See 
you in the White House Dudes." 

Knisley, Jeanette "Special J"; 
"JayVPepona" Yearbook, Spanish 
Club, Prom Queen '91 . "Thanks to 
all my true friends for the best 
years of my life. A.H. 2 more years 
to go, Good Luck ! I'll never forget 
you K.S.A., take care, love you ! May 
God be with you Dee. God Bless all! 
Smile, it's finally over. Peace! See 

Korolyshyn, Lisa 

Tennis 1 1 and 1 2, Tutoring, Peer 

Krapfl, Arthur R. Jr. "Artie" 
Red Machine Football, Bulldog 
Baseball, Bowling. 

Lee, Karen J. 

Socccer, Swimming. JROTC 
Bushmaster Co., Drill Team. I 
love you Mom, Dad, Casey, and 
Christina. And thank you to all my 

Lee, Kimberly Y. "Kim" 
Soccer, Tennis, Cheerleading, 
Cayuco Race. Ecology Club, Spanish 
Club, Letterman's Club, Senior Teen 
Center Vice President. "Thanks for 
the wonderful years in this school. 
Guess what Miggy ? We've finally 
made it!!" 

Lively, Christine E. 

Tennis, Red Machine Basketball 
manager, Spanish Club, Ecology 
Club. "Thanks to M.C., K.P, and 
everyone else for making this a 
memorable year." 

Llach, Tatiana "Taty" 
Volleyball, Tennis, Cougars Guys 
Tennis Manager, Letterman's Club, 
Spanish Club VP, SHS President, 
French Club, Carnavalito Princess. 
"No matter what, have lots of Fun 

Lopez, Joel 

Basketball, Baseball. 

Lopez, Joseph "Piggy" 
Cougars Football, White Track, 
White Volleyball, Letterman's Club, 
Cayuco Race, CWE, R. "Speak softly 
and carry a big stick." 

Lowry, Scott 

Bulldog Baseball. "Watch your step, 
because I'll be one of the good guys on 
COPS in a few years." 

Lugo, Bryan "Brandon" 
Varsity Football Bulldogs, Cayuco, 

Luttrell, William J. 
""Veni, Vidi, Vici" Came, Saw, 

Marotta, Jesse 

Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball. 
Spanish Club, Business Club, Drama 
Club. "Now it's my turn". 

Manning, Karina 

Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball. 
Newspaper Staff, Photography Club, 
Yearbook, SADD, Spanish Club. "I 
want to thank my Mom and Dad for 
supporting my and for putting up 
with me. You only live once so enjoy 
and do the best you can. Class of '94. 
Thanks Amand and all my friends for 
being there." 

Marribitt, Ami "Mema" 
Track. "Thanks to L.C., M.C., T.R. 
and K.M. Rico, what goes around 
comes around, Remember that. I love 
you Mom and Dad." 

Martinelli, Carlos H. 

Football, Soccer. "School is cool . . . 

too many classes get in the way." 

Marx, Angela "Angie" 
Drama Club plays: OKLAHOMA, The 
Mouse that Roared. SA Treasurer, 
Ecology Club, French Club. "Thanks 
for all the memories BHS. Good Luck 
! To all my friends EG, JP, DY, CC, 
RH, JN thanx for all the fun ! I luv U 

Matheney, Audra "Anyse" 
Utmost Cayuco Queen, Devils Tennis, 
Bulldogs Football Manager, Rams 
Cheerleading Coach, Red Cheerleader. 
Bulldogs Jamboree Princess, Junior 
Prom Court. "I want to thank my 
Mom, Dad, Tammie, and Alan for all 
their love and support, especially 
this year. I love you guys. Thanks to 
all my friends for all the good times 
and memories. 


Thanks Peter for always being 
there. Good luck to the Class of 1 994 
and God Bless you all!" 

McAllister, Tiffany "Tiff" 
PRIDE, SADD. "Sophomores ! 
Whassup? Y'all only have 2 years 
left! Quin, Lanette, Candie, Cori, 
Thanx Guys! You're like.the totally 
coolest (Smile)!" 

McFarlane, Clemente "Chowder" 
Skateboarding. "The group is full of 
tough guys!" 

McKay, Milton 

Tennis, Golf, Pool, Raquetball, video 
games. "Best class ever, Class of 

McWhorter, Daphne 

Cross Country, French Club. 

Montalvo, Jahaira 

Spanish Club. "Live life to the 
fullest. Enjoy everything while you 
can before it all slips away. To all 
my friends I wish you luck and 

Murata, Takashi "TAK" 
Baseball, Computer Club. 

Nassiff, Nicole M. 
Tennis, NHS, BHS, SHS secretary, 
Senior Class Vice-Pres, Spanish 
Club, French Club, Business Club. 
"MK, JS, DG, TL, and especially VU 
and WP - Thanks for all the 
memories! CBJRWP&T forever ! 
Don't fold and stay off the bumpers! 

Nevin, Gregory "Greg" 
Basketball, Football, Scuba Diving. 

Nicholls, Wesley "Wes" 

Nieves, Nayda J. 
Cheerieading, Soccer, Senior Class 
Secretary, PRIDE, Homecoming 
Court & Queen, Cougars Jamboree 
Queen. "Thanks to my parents and 
all my friends for all their support 
and making my high school years 
memorable. C.Z. and luck to C/O 

Olivares, Joseph J." Joe" 

Football, Bulldogs Girls Soccer 
Manager, Baseball, Track, 
Volleyball. SAO, French Club 
Treasurer, Letterman's Club. 
"Thanks to all my friends in BHS for 
an awesome time especially Kool Aid, 
BC, HC, CR, LO, DB, IR, SW, and HW. 
Luv y'all." 

Ortiz, Tanja 

Thanks to all my true friends for 
making these high school years the 
best. And to Efrain most of all, I'll 
always love you pal, thanks for 
everything !! 

Oura, Midori " Mimi" 
Swimming. "Thank you for a nice 

Penkoske, Jessica "Jess" 
Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, BHS 
Treasurer, NHS, SHS, Drama Club, 
Ecology Club, SAO. "Thanks to all 
my friends and family for believing 
in me and encouraging me to achieve 
my goals. May all our dreams some 
true ! 

Phelps, Shanna Maria "Shani" 
Yearbook, Photography club, Spanish 
Club, SADD. "I love you Mom and 
Paco !! Thanks God ! And Rosie !! 

Pierce, Brian "24-7" 
Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, 
Baseball, Volleyball, Skateboarding. 
"I plan to go to college and keep the 
group together, and I'm going to look 
for my dog Rufus and my daughter 

Pierre, Katherine L. "Kathy" 
Track, Red Machine Basketball 
Manager, Dance Team, JROTC 
Batallion S-4, Spanish Club, SADD. 
"Thanks to me family and my true 
friends (you know who you are) for 
making these three years of high 
school fun for me. Good Luck Class of 
1994 ! 

Poggenpohl, Ryan "Pogy" 
All-Isthmian Volleyball, Basketball, 
Soccer, Yearbook. "In the future, 
look for me on ESPN." 

Poveda, Carlos A. Jr. "Pubes" 
Soccer, BHS, Ecology Club, Spanish 
Club, Drama Club, BSA, Explorers. 
"Only time will tell what the future 
will hold..." 

Pownall, Jennifer 

Varsity Soccer (Red Machine), 
Varsity Soccer All-Star team., NHS 
treasurer, BHS secretary, 
Letterman's Club, Ecology Club. 
"Thanks to my parents and family 
for the support, understand-ing, and 
love that they have given me 
throughout my life." 

Price, Jerome 0. 

Football, Basketball, Soccer. 
"Don't dwell in the past, but try to 
improve your future." 


Profis, Nicole 

Gymnastics, Dancing. Thespian, 
Devils Soccer Manager. 
"Mango, Ledge til 5, Rem the Dares 
and all those guys, CS Nic, GAD, 
Girlie, my 2 buds, forever at the 
beach, 2 U's ! NTM? One for the 
girls, Rem- if it's not alternative- 
it's not real. . . BOOM!" 

Quinn, Tyler Ross 

Football, Cayuco, Soccer, Volleyball. 
NHS, BHS, Letterman's Club. 
"Misconception Ruiz ! LB.C. Forever 

Reyes, Robert "Red" 
All-Isthmian Cougars Football 
Captain, Green Devils Basketball 
"I'm all that!" 

Robinson, Joniseff "Joni" 
JROTC, Bushmasters, Drill Team, 
Rifle Team, Parakeet, Business Club, 
Spanish Club. "Enjoy life cause it's 
too short! I thank God for having my 
sister Dalila who has helped me all 
the way - love ya sis!" 

Rodriguez-Mesa, Ivan 

Swimming, Cayuco Race, Senior 
Class President, Sophomore Class 
Treasurer, Computer Club 
Treasurer, BHS, Spanish Club 

Rojas, Elisa M. "Lisa" 
All-Isthmian Basketball Captain, 
All-Isthmian Soccer Captain, All- 
Isthmian Tennis Captain, BHS, NHS, 
NJHS, SHS, THS, Lettermen's Club 
President, BHS Band President, 
Honor Thespian, Thespian 
Treasurer, Drama Club, Business 
Club, PRIDE, Spanish Club, Red 
Volleyball Manager "Ahaaa! Oh 

Salterio, Ricardo, "Ricky" 
Tennis, Baseball, Golf. "Don't 
forget to study but party." 

Schepper, Jeff 

Tennis, Fishing "K.M.A.D." 

Schulz, Marie A. 

Softball, NHS, BHS, Yearbook 
Photography, Photo Club, Parakeet, 
Model U.N., SADD Treas., Junior 
Class Sec, Spanish Club, Zephyrus 
Editor "Thanks to my family for all 
their support, and thanks to my best 
friends, M.C. and J.Y. for helping me 
stay sane. Cherish the memories, 
and remember: There is a time for 
everything, and now is our time to 

Slaughter, Jason T. 

Basketball, Band, Raquetball. 
"Live life to its fullest, because 
you're only young once. Live now & 
worry later." 

Small, Erika 

Volleyball, bowling, Spanish club. 
"Stay in school, no drinking and no 

Smith, Ben 

Thespians, Model U.N. 

Souffront, Charlotte "Charlie" 
Dance Team Captain, Tennis, Band, 
French Club, BHS "Best of luck to 
the Class of 94. Thanks for all the 
memories. Jenny- never say good- 
bye! Thanks for always being there! 
Dino- I love ya'! Anyways.... Peace 
out dudes! It's been real!" 

Spurlock, Amanda 

Soccer, Swimming, Dance, SHS VP, 
BHS, Spanish Club Sec, Parakeet 
"Life is short. Gozala! Thanks to all 
las latinas, you know who you are. 
Las quiero mucho. Pa lante." 

Rolon, Fidel "Castro" 
Basketball, Track & Field, JROTC, 
Talent Show. "Have a great 

Stanford, Eddie 

Football, Volleyball, Cayuco Race. 
"Thanks to all my friends for a great 
senior year." 

Stewart, Renee "Goober" 
NHS, SADD, FHS, French Club 
"You only live life once, so make the 
most of it." Proverbs 3:5-6 

Sprague, Drake 

Track, Football, Cayuco Race, BHS, 
NHS, Art Club 

Spratling, Valerye M. "Val" 
Soccer, Basketball, NHS, BHS, SHS, 
M.U.N., SADD, Ecology Club, SAO, 
Close-Up, S.A., Spanish Club. 
"To all my friends, especially 
Johanna and Marcia, Good luck in the 
future and I'll call you when I need 
hired help! Class of '94 rocks!" 

Swenty, Brian "Swent" 
Football Captain, BHS, SHS, 
Volleyball, Tennis, MGD, L.B.C. 
"I Swent therefore I am." 

Syrdahl, Kari M. 

"Magic, Mango, R, GAD, CT, Stress 
and everything else. It was CRAZY... 
Good luck to my friends- Remember 
me and look at the stars. Whoga(s)- 


Dressed to Drive. BNM Boom. " 

Szymanski, Jenilee A. "Jeni" 
Tennis, Green Devils Football 
Manager. BHS, Ecology Club, SADD, 
Business Club, Yearbook, Green 
Devils Jamboree Queen. "Thanks to 
my family and true friends, 
especially Johnny." 


Tapia, Sebastian 

JROTC "Good luck to the crew of 
the JROTC battalion, 1 994 and to the 
pasieros of Color Guard (best of the 

Tate, Johanna 

Spanish Club 'To my two best 
friends, Valerye and Marcia, never 
forget all the fun times we had, love 
ya. To my parents and brothers, 
thanx for everything. Luv ya." 

Tejada, Adrian M. "AMT" 
Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, 
JROTC, Senior Teen Council, Drill 
Team, CWE, PRIDE. "Peace to all the 
Chicanos, my family and friends." 

Thompson, Heather 

Cheerleader, Varsity Tennis, Varsity 
Swimming, Volleyball, FBLA, 
Spanish Club, Photo Club, Peer 
Helper, BHS, SA Pres., SNAFU 
Cayuco Queen, US Swimmer, 
Equestrian "To my friends, Thank 
you. You've made my years here 

Thompson, John E. "Johnny" 
Red Machine Football. "I would like 
to thank my family and most of all 
my girlfriend, Jenilee." 

Torrazza, Carla G. 

Volleyball, Tennis "Do your own 

Trippany, Suzanne 

Co-Captain Volleyball, J.V Tennis, 
Basketball, Track, Computer Club, 
V.P French Club "Mrs. Campbell, 
Mrs. Roa and Ms. Baca, thanks for all 
you've done." 

Tunon, Marcia 

Volleyball . "BYE. To Valerye and 
Johanna, I couldn't of made it 
without you. !" 

Twohy, Henry B. "H.B." "Big 


Football, Soccer, Cayuco Race. 

"L.B.C-- B.B.C. Forever.!" 

Uhorchak, Vanessa "Vane" 
Tennis, Aerobics. SHS, BHS, Spanish 
Club -Tres., French CLub, SA Rep., 
Letterman's Club, Jr. Class 
President. "Thanks to JS, TL, MK, 
DG, HR, and my sis Nic for all of the 
great times. We made it! I'll miss 
you! Mami, Dad, and Tanya, I 
couldn't of made it withour you! I 
love you! Ricky TE AMO ! 

Ullrich, Jennie "Grunge" 
Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, BHS, 
NHS, Drama Club, Ecology Club"l 
thank all my friends for being there 
for me, especially Megan. Love ya 
all and God Bless! GAD!" 

Unger, Shem D. "Soho" 
Moutain Biking, Scuba Diving, 
Drama, BHS, NHS, SHS, Ecology 
Club, Thespian, Spanish Club "I 
hope to become a Marine Biologist or 
study medicine and enjoy life." 

Usera, Anthony C. "Con an" 
Football, Soccer, Track, 
Powerlifting, BHS, SHS, Spanish 
Club, Peer Helper, JROTC "Kill 
them all. Let God sort them out." 

Von Hollen, Lance Clinton "Sir 


Football, Basketball, Baseball. "To 

all my good buddies out there! " 

Watanabe, Riuw 

Red Machine Football, White 
Baseball, Green Track, Cougars 
Volleyball "Thanks Balboa High 

Webeck, Julie "Sera" 

Track, Cross Country, Softball, Ice 

Hockey, Baseball, Soccer. 

"Let's hear it for the youngest and 

most conceited graduate." 

Weeks, Edgar 

Baseball, Soccer, Football, Tennis 

Weeks, Jackeline, "Jackie" 
NHS, SHS, BHS, Thespian, Spanish 
Club, Peer Helper, Parakeet Editor 
"Thanks to all my friends (you know 
who you are) for being there for me 
through all these years." 

Wing, William P. Jr. "Billy" 
Football, 1st Place Cayuco Race, RM 
All-Isthmian Soccer MVP and Co- 
captain, French Club, Spanish Club, 
Prom Prince 1991, Homecoming 
Prince 1991, 1992 and King 1993 . 
"Mis Rules!" 

Wu, Austin 

Volleyball, Basketball 

"I would like to thank all BHS's 

support in my last two years." 

Wolf, Jaime, "Chilie" 
French Club "C3M" 

Wolf, Raquel 

Cheerleading, Track & Field, Busi- 
ness Club, French Club, Spanish 
Club, BHS "To all my friends that 
made it special to me all these years: 
LS, VU, NN, RO, ME, RS, EL, NP, CG, 
& last but not least, J.P.V. Party 
Hard! Love you guys always! Rumba 


Yanez, Dilcia 

Tennis, Track & Field, Drama Club, 
Thespian VP, NHS, BHS, Ecology 
Club, Yearbook, Youth For Christ. 
"To quote a great song, "People who 
need people are the luckiest people 
in the world . I'd like to thank all the 
special people in my life and all my 
great friends who have made Balboa a 
memorable experience. God bless 
you all! 1 Timothy 4:12" 

Yu, Chung-Dar, "Louis" 
Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Basketball, 
French Club, Modelling Club 

Zornes, Joseph, "Joey" 
Football, Cayuco, Volleyball, 
Lettermens Club, SAO Rep. 
"L.B.C. forever." 

Kuo, Michelle- Yearbook 

Red Machine Tennis, Green Devils 
Football Manager, Select Chorus, 
French Honor Society, Student 
Association 9-10, BHS, French 
Club, Christ Alive, Yearbook Staff. 
"Thanks to all my family and 
friends, JS, NN, VU, JS, WP, SU, 
DG, TL, MA, who have supported me 
throughout my life. I love you all. 
Remember my motto: S.SX., but Hey 
I'm outta here!" 

Staha, Jessica- Yearbook 
Co-Editor "Jess" "Jessie" 
Green Devils Football Manager, 
Green Devils Tennis, National Honor 
Society President, BHS, Christ 
Alive, Ecology Club, SADD, Spanish 
Club, French Club, Select Chorus, 
Yearbook Staff. "My family & 
friends have always been there for 
me and it's going to be hard to leave 
without them. Thanks "y'all" for 
all the wonderful moments that will 
forever remain in my heart. When 
all else fails, HIT THE BEACH!" 



Junior class officers: Sarah Beat- 
tie. (Pres.), Danny norman. 
(Treas.). JIM Mauser, (Sec), and 
Audrey Earnest. (Vice Pres.). 



Striving for the gold medal. 
Sprinting and soaring over the 
hurdles. Junior Jesse Crlstopher- 
son releases all his energy to fin- 
ish the race. 

Plower powerl Wendy Winkler ex- 
presses herself during English 




Still Bearing the Heat 

Hmmm . the 11th grader the one who can 
not yet use the excuse of SEMIORIT1S and get 
away with it. The one who still has to put up 
with stress and look forward to more. They are 
bordering upperclassmanship, yet. they are still under- 
classmen. Juniors cant act naive and get away with it any- 
more like sophomores can, they've already been here a 
year' yet, unlike a senior they cannot step on the plaque 
and roam the school with a ruling air about them. De- 
pressing? Mot quite. Juniors are almost there. Right now 
is when memories are being gathered and serious 
thoughts about college are being focused, for many Jun- 
iors, this is one of the best years of high schoo . Who 
knows where they'll be headed in the future Only they 
can decide and it is something they'll have to contem- 
plate sooner or later. But hey, they've still got one more 


Ivan G. Acosta 

Elizabeth Arosemena 

Michael T. Banks 

f \. Sarah E. Beattie 

Frederick A. Adams 

Tanya M. Bacot 

Natasha N. Banks 


Cameron G. Benson 

Nadia A. Aird 

Jeeathbell Balbastro 

Brandon M. Barrett 

Solimar T. Antadillas 

Cesar A. Banda 

Mylissa L. Bateman 

Jessie R. Berger 

Joseph P. Bibbo 



Noel P. Blades 

Samaris K. Blades 

Walter A. Bottin 

Walter C. Bottin 

Thomas P. Briceland 

Robert L. Brown 

Ricardo A. Campagnani 

Jan M. Blancherte 


Joaquin A. 



1 K 


Victor E. Brown, Jr. 

Magdaline C. Cantu 

Sharonda Blount 

Adam R. Boy ko 

Holly K. Brunner 

Elliott Carlson f A 


Walter S. Can 

Felicia Carrola 

Lesley D. Cooper 

Jason R. Carrola 

Jesse Christopherson 

Michelle L. Collins 

Virginia E. Corbett 

Lenin Castillo 

David M. Church 

Guarionex R. Colon 


James D. Crespo 

Yamileth Crichlow-Marshall 

Giana M. Daniel 

Henry B. Davis 


Paul De Janon 

Narinderjit Dhaliwal 

Ian Dillon 

Jason Domenech 

Olin J. Crouch 

Melissa A. Davis 

Daphne Diaz 

Javelle N. Crowder 

Sarah E. Davis 

Joanna Diaz 

Jerry Ellingsen f \ 


Raylene J. Ellingsen 

Joy L. Engelke 

Yxel A. Espina 

James R. Fairchild 

David E. Foster 

Gary Foster 

f \ Amy Marie Fry 

Jorge E. Galvez 

Amanda R. Erder 

Eric O. Fowler 

Daniel E. Garcia 

Audrey E. Ernest 

Nicole A. Frank 

Michele R. Gaslin 


Sukino D. Gillespie 

Rachel E. Gomez 

Benjamin Goode 

Christopher G. Goodno 

Evaristo Hernandez Jr. 

Juan F. Herrera 

Francisco J. Gonzalez 

Rebecca M. Gorman 

1 m \ 

Julyannette Haughton 

Dustin G. Heumphreus 

Jose R. Gonzalez 

Angie L. Greene 

Jill M. Hauser 



Paul F. Hignett 

Angel N. Jackson 

Lorena M. Jurado 

f ^\ Robert P. Kinard 


Kimberly J. Holihan 

Hector A. Jeffrey 

Bonnie M. Kemp 

Caroline Kirkland 

Yaiseth A. Hudson 

William B. Huff III 

Dong-Oun Jeong Fernando J. Johnson 

A.L. Kirkpatrick 

Christopher A. Krapfl 


Franz G. Kuo 

Carlos Lampas Jr. 

Sergio Latorre 

7\ *.-.« J 
Shannon Y. Leggett 

MichylleL. Littrell 

Alex L. Livingston III 

Kathleen Lopez 

Edilia Luck Archbold 

Dilia Lantry 

Lisa Leontiev 

Michelle M. Lloyd 

Beth A. Larabee 

Aaron R. Levier 

Etelvino Lopez 

Luis Manzanares 

Juan R. Martinez f ^\ 


Raul M. Martinez 

Brandyn D. Marx 


Bcrnadette McArty 

1 / 

Katharine R. McArty 

Erika A. McComsey 

Janelle E. McGuinness 

( S\ Sco" G. McKee 

Kelvin M. Medina 

Chanda I. Mason 

Renee A. McArty 

Samuel A. McGuiness Jr. 

April M. Mendez 

Rashida N. Mayers 

Stephen S. McAuliffe 

Roberto McKay Jr. 

Stacey A. Merkel 

John M. Miller Jr. 

Matt I. Mongeon 

Ricardo A. Morgan Jr. 

Ryan B. Min 

Karin A. Montagnc 

Kenneth H. Morris Jr. 

Rajesh U. Nandwani Nakisha M. Nathan 

Vandana Mishra 

Jilmar J. Morales 

Kimberlyn L. Myers 

Jonathan T. Neal 

Paula M. Monaghan 

Aneris Moreno 

Brent A. Myrick 


Khristine D. Nolte 

Daniel A. Norman 

Alberto E. Orillac 

Agustin J. Ortiz 

William Ortiz 

Raymond M. Owens 

f 7Q A NinaPaulsrud Christopher L. Payne 

Haydee T. Nunez 

David M. Pace 

Jean P. Pedersen 

Eliecer L. Olivares 

Andrew H. Page 

Nicholas A. Petrosky 


Jane M. Posey 

Juan A. Ramos 

Todd R. Roberts 

Jill E. Pownall 

Wilbert Reese 

Lucas C. Robertson 

J. Romero-Concepcion 

Michelle Rosales 

Jessica D. Quintan 

Praxedes Rivera 

Raul Rodarte 

Jimmy L. Ragsdale 

Thamahara Roach 

D. Rojo Tirzo 

Mark D. Roscoe 

Carlos E. Royo / - \ 


Shane P. Ryley 

C.E. Shaffer Jr. 

Har nan K.. Singh 

Eileen J. Santa 

William D. Shorter 

Isbel A. Sirias 

( 72 ^\ Hemda M. Sokol 

Christina M. Sordini 


Laura Santiago 

Marioly M. Silvera 

Jamal S. Skinner 

Hugh F. Scruggs III 

Mathew D. Simmons 

Leovihilda A. Smith 

Alejandro A. Sosa Jr. 

Robinn R. Starks 


Richelle H. Stewart 

Martha S. Tola 

Brian W. Vanairsdale 

Andrew H. Vidinha 

Mathew A. Sweeney 

Gregory Tulk 

Gloria Velez 

Aki Watanabe 

Brandon J. Swistak 

Annelle Urriola 

Luis F. Vergara 

Katherine L. Wilder 

Alyson M. Sylvester 

Carlos J. Valdes 

Alexis S. Vidaurri 


Michelle T. Womble 

Li Chuan Wu 

Oskar Zayas 

Meowl Angel Jackson gives her 
best appearance for the Hal- 
loween contest, which took 
place on the front lawn during 

Mami Yamashita 

Naomi Yano 

Tabitha Valdilles 

Alicia Nunez 

Not Pictured 

Edna Arnold 
Jason Barton 
Aneris Coward 
Ivan De La Quardia 
Sonya Qamett 
Edwin Gutierrez 
Jesse Lopez 
Kenneth Martin 
W.R. McKelphin Jr. 




Hmmmml Did I do it right? Yaiseth Hudson 
carefully reviews her WORDPAK for Junior En- 
glish before she turns it in to Mrs. Mitchell. 
(Photo by M. Bales 

More pumpkins? Junior class officers and their 
hard-working sponsor, Mrs. Company, help 
decorate the Junior showcase for Halloween. L 
to R; J. Hauser. A. Ernest, S. Beattle, K. Com- 
pany. (Photo by Q. Dee) 



Junior Class Makes 

Heyl Look at thlsl rranclsco Gonzalez a shar- 
ing kind of guy, helps a classmate In English 
class, rranclsco was also a star player on the 
Cougars Varsity football team. (Photo by M. 

Do they need more water? Qreen Devil football 
manager, Janelle McQuiness. waits for the sig- 
nal from the coach to rush on field and give wa- 
ter to her team. (Photo by J. Hauser) 

Are we having fun yet? Jill Hauser tries to tie- 
dye several dozen shorts for the Junior Class 
to raise funds at the football games. L to R 
Class officers; S. Beattle, D. Norman, A. Ernest 
and J. Hauser. (Photo by Susan Beattie) 


Sophomore class officers: Ryan 
Sweeney (Fres.). Enjoli Anderson 
(Treas.), Julie Matthews (Sec. 
and Yenefer Herrera (Vice Pres). 


That's a good point. Sophomore 
Kyle riusted is hooked on his- 
tory" and discusses an idea with a 

Strolling along. Carlos Garcia 
takes a break in between classes 
and admires the view on Balboa 


Making If Through the Medley 

Where am 1? Where am I supposed to be? I wish 
1 was somewhere else! Well, I might as well 
face it. I am now a high school student. Do 1 
look like a little kid? Can the seniors and jun- 
iors tell I'm only a sophomore? The seniors and juniors, a 
new group of people to get used to. It does have its pros 
and cons. At least there are lots of potential new friends. 
Then again, "Hey, watch it!" 

"Clean the plaque!" 

I look up to find myself face to face with a group of 
seemingly older kids. I look down and, much to my dis- 
may, I'm stepping on the plaque. Unfortunately, for soph- 
omores and juniors, it is a tradition that if a senior spots 
an underclassmen on the plaque, they can make the un- 
derclassmen polish it. Yes, this is a major ploy. 

Well, at least I can look forward to all the new clubs and 
sports to join. It's almost like starting from scratch. That 
feels good. 

My first class, here goes nothing. All I can hope for is a 
successful year making it through the medley. 


Sophomore Spirit 

Boyl Am 1 glad I'm not in the game. Sopho- 
more Qreen Devil player Danny Hanna looks 
on from the sidelines as his teammates battle 
the Red Machine during a varsity football 
game. Photo by Ryan McConaughey. 

Go Devils! Sophomore Qreen Devil Cheer- 
leader Melissa Hart strikes a pose during a Red 
vs. Qreen varsity football game. Cheerleading 
is a popular sport at BHS. Many sophomores 
are members of the five varsity squads. Photo 
by Jill Hauser. 

Oscar R. Aujero 

Clarion Ave-Lallemant 

Andrea N. Barnett 

Johnny Eri Bates 


Noelia Berrios 
Myriam E. Bonilla 
Anasha K.. Bonnick 
Tara A. Boozer 

Michael E. Boyle 
Bethany R. Britton 
David A. Burger Jr. 
Carolina E. Bustamante 

Juan M. Cajar-Brutsch 
Dymarie Camps 
Rafael H. Carrau Jr. 
Meghan A. Carroll 

Marjorie M. Castaneda 
Michael R. Castro 
Andrea L. Cedeno 
Lisa Cercenia 

Melissa L. Chapman 
Hunter G. Chastain 
Sudah Choocherd 
Marc L. Church 


Joshua J. Ciceraro 

Dounia P. Clarke 

Stacy J. Clinton 

Kelly J. Conguergood 

Glenda A. Cooper 

La'Keisha N. Cooper 

Ethan R. Corsbie 

Monique E. Cover 

Karla Cowes 

Matthew J. Covvger 

Lola L. Cowling 

Angel Cruz 

Susanna P. Davis 

Felipe A. De La Guardia 

Dino Del Cid Jr. 

Caitlyn Derry 

Michelle A. Dobson 

Vincente Duncan 

Laura A. Edwards 

Mark R. Elliot 



Jason P. Ely 
Wilma E. Engelke 
Timothy L. Epperson 
Miguel A. Erroz 

IB Vincent A. Espina 
Anabelle Espinoza 
Christine E. Estill 
Noelle S. Farnsworth 

Tara A. Farris 
Manuel Figueroa 
Kendall D. Flagg 
Kevin R. Fournier 

Carlos A. Garcia 
Daniela Garcia 
Edwin H. Garcia 
Frank J. Geary 

Erica L. Gif ford 
Juan K. Giles 
Joel A. Gills 
Elsie Y. Gilmore 


Football Fever! 

Down, Set. HutI Bulldog players (L to R)-Cor- 
dova, Adam, and Taiwan get ready for the 
Green Devil kick-off at one of the many varsity 
football games held in Balboa stadium. The 
Bulldogs ended the season beating the Devils 
both games. Photo by Jill Hauser. 

This isn't as painful as it looks. Sophomore 
Bulldog cheerleader Devon Sprague displays 
her emotions for the crowd. This is Devon's 
second year cheering for the Bulldogs. Her 
squad attended cheerleading camp in Florida 
last summer. Photo by Jill Mauser. 

Amanda L. Graber 

Zovek I. Grant 

Amanda S. Grass 

Colleen L. Green 


Carol V. Guerra 
Ana Maria Guerrero 
Vladimir Guillen 
Giovanni Guiles 

Rosa E. Gutierrez 
Michele M. Hall 
Aaron P. Hamilton 
Masakazu Hanada 

Daniel D. Hanna 
Melissa G. Hart 
Tommy N. Hay 
Erica R. Henderson 

Michael W. Henning 
Ana R. Hernandez 
Conan M. Herring 
Deontra L. Hicks 

Abby F. Higley 
Marco A. Hinds 
Jacob E. Holbrook 
Jared L. Holzwarth 


Robert Huntington IV 

Kyle B. Husted 

Heather M. Jenkins 

Coralia D. Jimenez 

Gresmari J. Jimenez 

Shannon M. Johnson 

Katharine C. Johnston 

Taryn Juarez 

Tiara Juarez 

Gina Marie Julia 

Paul S. Karst 

Kelvin M. Keith 

Alyssa Keene 

Rachel J. Kinghorn 

Erik M. Knudson 

Bradley J. Kostelny 

Amy L. Krynicki 

Daniel G. La Placa 

Jon Lasater 

Ren-kai Lee 


Checking out the scene Sophomore Dy- 

maris Camps is accompanied by Senior Jer- 
ome Price as they wait for the Homecoming 
Pep Rally to begin. With all the cheerleading 
routines ahead, many times it was worth the 
wait. Photo by P. Cowles 

Smiling Sophomores! Enthusiastic students, 
Ben Carpenter and Amanda Robbins, share a 
laugh at the Health Fair. Many Sophomores en- 
joyed the pie throwing contest. Photo by M. 

Julia M. Matthews 
George F. Mattocks 
Hillary A. Maxwell 
Doctorre J. McDade 



Just Reading . . Sophomore Noelle Farn- 
sworth takes her book seriously during English 
class. BHS students are attempting to read 
more during English, Drama, and Journalism 
classes. Photo by K. Syrdahl 

Just Looking . . . Sophomore Meghan Carroll 
watches the computer screen in the 800s lab. 
Computer Writing Projects keep students busy 
each quarter in the computer lab. Photo by K. 

Brandon A. Minske 

Carla M. Monaghan 

Murphy G. Mongeon 

Melissa R. Montgomery 



Marissa S. Morris 
Kanako Nakagawa 
Joseph T. Novotny 
John R. O'Keefe 

Luis Ochoa-Hartmann 
Jason E. Ohman 
Jairo L. Olton 
Steven T. Ortez 

Joseph Pantone 
Lori A. Park 
Nathaniel Park 
Maria E. Parker 

Christine Pawlak 
Leonardo Pena 
Yaixa L. Pena 
Cristobal S. Perez 

Sarah L. Petersen 
Dwight A. Pettiford I 
Jeanelly R. Phillips 
Thaddeus B. Pierce 


Sergio Pinto Jr. 

Michael F. Plahovinsak 

Lisa M. Plasencia 

Theresa Poore 

Alexander I. Renfro 

Bill A. Rivas 

Frank A. Rivas 

Carlos J. Rivera 

Maria I. Rivera 

Karina Y. Rizzo 

Amanda N. Robbins 

Tyrone Robinson 

Dalhia Rodriguez 

Felix H. Rodriguez 

Maria J. Rodriguez 

Rosalyn I. Rodriguez 

Melanie A. Rowley 

Vanessa I. Sanchez 

Yamilet A. Santamaria 

Dennis E. Santiago 


The Final Countdown Sophomore Lauren 
McGuinness anxiously awaits the last 10 sec- 
onds of the game. The Varsity Cheerleaders 
take their jobs seriously every Friday night dur- 
ing football season. Photo by J. Hauser 

Catch that ball! In the heat of the game, 
Janelle Hauser chases the ball down the court, 
in hopes to score successfully. The Qirls bas- 
ketball games were filled with many exciting 
moments throughout the season. Photo by J. 

Karen M. Santos 
Johnathan Scott 
Samuel H. Scribner 
Shauna J. Sears 

Tiffany R. Severson 
Rachelle N. Seybold 
Stephen L. Sharp Jr. 
Tabitha R. Showers 

Teodulo Silvera III 
Stacey M. Skoog 
Brent A. Smiley 
Abdiel E. Solis R. 


Snack Chat. Sophomores Brad Kostelny and 
Ethan Crosbie compare stories during lunch 
on the bench in front of the main office. (Photo 
by M. Schulz) 

It's a great lifel Sophomore Susie Davis stops 
for a moment to take in the beautiful sunny dry 
season during lunch on the front steps. (Photo 
by M. Schulz) 

La Quinta S. Traylor 

John D. Trim 

Rory S. Truesdale 

Joyce M. Trusty 


Manuel A. Tunon 
Josephine L. Ullrich 
Juan G. Valdes 
Roy E. Vega 

Yamileth E. Vega 
Louis M. Vogel 
Indira M. Wagner 
Franco E. Wagstaff 

John D. Wahl 
Frank Walrond Jr. 
Jemail D. Ward 
Emil A. Watson 

Jacqueline M. Weedin 
Kristina L. Wells 
Pilar Wemhoener-Cutie 
Matthew T. Wetherell 

Leo W. Wheeler 
Kelly L. White 
Herman B. Wilkinson 
Sean P. Williams 


Patricia M. Williford 

Daisy W.Winkler 

Brenda Lee Wintters 

Ricardo A. Woodman 

Ryan D. Yamaki-Taylor 

Carlos A. Yanes 

Pep Rally revert Sophomores Lucia Lincoln and Patsy Wil- 
liford join the crowd at the Homecoming Pep Rally. Photo 
by P. Cowles. 


There she goes again. Edwin Garcia predicts 
that Dymarie Camps has yet another question 
to interrupt his studies with. Guess you won't 
be finishing that vocabulary assignment today. 

Photo by J. Severson 





finally lunch timel Jason Ely is packed up and 
ready for a break as he heads out the door to- 
wards the Golden Arches. He prepares himself 
for the long lines and frustrated waiting before 
he can feed his hunger. 

Hard to digest. Amanda Graber concentrates 
on Danielle Bingham's latest gossip while Hill- 
ary Maxwell seems to know something more 
on the subject. 


Think, pair, share. Danny Glotzer and Melissa 
Hart put co-operative learning to use as they 
try to stay awake. Meanwhile, Emil Watson and 
Brenda Winters use a more social version of 
this method. 

Put to work. Johnny Bates has no choice but 
to do the labor he's been assigned to. How- 
ever, his mind was on other things, far, far 

Studious Sophomores . . . ? At first glance, the 
idea is one of a normal class environment. But 
a second look reveals extra-curricular activities 
which don't include studying. 

You found something interesting? Vanessa 
Sanchez and Jeanelly Phillips actually found 
something entertaining in one of their text 
books. The rest of us, however, still haven't ex- 
perienced this educational phenomenon. 



Leading Us in Harmony 

There's much more to the BHS faculty than just 
teaching! Our faculty prides themselves in their ex- 
tra-curricular and community involvement. Many 
teachers have hobbies after school which include golfing, 
diving, and lots of other sports, as well as theatre, travel- 
ling, ethnic dancing, educational fraternities, and music. 

Because of this, BHS teachers make learning in the 
classroom more fun. Our faculty supports the student ac- 
tivities by sponsoring clubs, tutoring, chaperoning 
dances, coaching, and taking students on wild field trips- 
sometimes deep into the tropical jungle and waters of 

This year, teachers embarked on a new field- "action re- 
search ". This most commonly known as "SIP ". They 
spend one period a day working on school improvement 
and studying about how to be less stressed-out at the end 
of the day even though some students are tardy and ab- 
sent a lot! 

Our teachers are the best and they deserve a lot more 
credit than most of the students give them After all, 
we.want to GRADUATE, right? 



Mrs. Patricia Alvarado 

AP English. U.S. History 

University of Southern Louisiana, 

Oklahoma Unlversity-B.A., MA. 

Close-Up Sponsor 

8 years at BMS, 10 years with 


Mrs. Melanle Bales 

SWEP. Drama 

University of Central Arkansas 

B.S.. M.S.E. 

Yearbook Sponsor 

4 years at BMS, 10 years with 


Mrs. Susan Bemasconi 

E.I. Research Project 

Florida State University 

B.S., M.S. in Special Education 

3 years at BMS, 4 years with 


Mrs. Jenette Brewer 

English 11, 12 

University of northern Colorado 


Bulldogs Cheerleading Sponsor 

1st year at BHS and with DoDDS 

Mrs. Sonia Cigamrista 


Los Angeles City College 

California State College at L.A. 


4 years at BHS. 21 years with 


Mrs. Sydney Corbett 
English II. Speech 
Lawrence University, B.A. 
University of Wisconsin, M.S. 
English Tutoring 
25 years at BHS 

Mr. David Cotton 


University of Tennessee 

B.S.. M.S. Ed. 

First year at BHS 

Ms. Patty Cowles 
Journalism, English 
Florida State University. B.S. 
Red Machine Cheerleading, Para- 
keet, Devils Dirts' Volleyball 
2 years at BHS 

Mr. Joe Q. Brown 

Algebra with Qeometry III 

north Texas State University, B.S. 

East Texas State University, M.Ed. 

S.A. Treasurer 

3 years at BHS and with DoDDS 

Ms. Lynda Callender 
English as a Second Language 
Simmons College, B.A. 
Boston University, M.Ed. 
1st year at BMS 

Ms. Kelle Campbell 

English 12 

Texas Tech University 


Junior Class Sponsor. Lettermen's 


2 years at BMS and with DoDDS 

Mr. Rafael Chen 
Technology Education 
Driver s Education 
Boys Basketball Coach 



Mr. Luis Cuevas 
Computer Assistant 

Ms. Qeri Dee 
Research Project 
Illinois State University, B.S. 
4 years at BHS 

Your wish is my command. Mr. Waugh dresses up 
for Halloween, this year as Aladdin's old genie. 

Like mother like daughter. Mrs. Corbett relives 
the sixties by dressing like her daughter Qinger. 
She won an honorable mention in the costume 

Mrs. Paula Fabrega 
Librarian Technician 


Mr. Qene Fendrick 
U.S. History, World History 
University of Oklahoma at Nor- 
man, B.A. 
8 years at BHS 


"Hey, hey, it's the monkey I" Mrs. 
Sosa struts her dancing style at 
the Senior Reception. At the re- 
ception, even some teachers 
joined in with the rhythm. 

Peanut cartoon strip? No, this is 
Mrs. Alvarado dancing to the six- 
ties' beat at the Senior Reception. 

Photo by Andrea Alvarado 

Mrs. Amy Fisher 

U.S. History 

Keene State of the University of 

Mew Hampshire, B.S.E. 

3 years at BHS, 19 years with 


Mr. John Forester 
ISS and occasional substitute 
Wesley College, University of Cen- 
tral Florida, Rollins College 
A.A., B.A., M.S. 
2nd year at BHS 

Ms. Julianne Gardill 

English 11 

University of San Francisco, B.S., 


Social Committee for Awesome 


20 years at BHS 

Mrs. Cecelia A. Reed-Qeorge 
Algebra/Qeometry Course I 
Central State University, B.S. 
Cleveland State University, M.S. 
Case Western-Reserve, Ph.D. 
Mathematics Coach, Precision 
Dance Team, Mathematics Club, 
Black History Month 
7 years at BHS, 12 years with 

Ms. Jo Ann Qettys 

Librarian/Media Specialist 

Isothermal Community College, 


Western Carolina University, 

B.S.E., M.A. Ed. 

6 years at BHS, 14 years with 



Ms. Camille Gibson 

Algebra/Geometry Course 111 

Memphis State University, B.S. 


4 years at BHS and DoDDS 

Mr. John Hager 
English 10 

Southeast Missouri State Univer- 

Florida State University 
B.S.E., M.A.T., M.S. 
PCC Varsity Baseball Head Coach 
4 years at BHS, 9 years with 

Mrs. Penny Halvorsen 
English and Science 
Fitchburg State College 
Barry University 
B.S.E., M.A. 
3rd year at BHS 

MSES* ffl 


Mrs. Joyce Hanson 
English 10 

Chowan College A. A., 
Atlantic Christian College A.B. 
6 years BHS and with DoDDS 

Mr. James Higley 
Business-Computer Application 
Basic Programming 
Western Michigan University 
Florida Atlantic University 
B.B.A.. M. Ed. 

Green Tennis, Business Club 
2 yrs. at BHS, 22 with DoDDS 

Mr. Richard Koechlein 
Geometry, Study Skills 
Girls Soccer, Volleyball 

Ms. Veronica Longo 

Fundamentals of Art 

Eastern Montana College 

B.S. Education 

Art Club Sponsor 

1st year at BHS, 5 years with 


Ms. Mancy M. Manchester 
Cooperative Work Experience 
Bryant College, B.S. 
Salem State College, M. Ed. 
Student Association Accountant 
10 years at BHS 

Ms. Johnnie McGregor 

Introduction to Business 

Sul Ross University 

The University of Texas 

B.S., M.Ed. 

2nd year at BHS, 6 years with 


Mrs. Wilma Monlouis 
Band, Chorus, Strings, Music Ap- 

Mew England Conservatory of Mu- 

Teachers' College, Columbia Uni- 
B. Mus. Ed. 

Combined Orchestra, Stage Band 
7 years at BHS 

Ms. Susan Nordell 

Fundamentals of Art 

Bethany College 

Mora University, Sweden 


1st year at BHS, 10 years with 



|P f* **jj 

1 ^\ 

F-, — — 3 

k •*---*- it Wi 

L i 


/ ^9 

Mrs. Patricia Morales 
Administrative Officer-Main Office 
Marymount College 
Florida State University 
2nd year at BflS, 6 years with 

Mrs. Vicki O'Brien 


Indiana University 

University of Oklahoma 

B.S., M.A. 

Varsity Swimming 

1 year at BflS 

Mrs. Deanna D. Petersen 
Calculus. Analysis 
Orinnel College, b.A. 
Teacher's College of Columbia 


Extended Analysis 
15 years at BflS, 14 years with 


Mr. Jose A. Ramirez 

Business Education 

University of Southern California 

Long Beach State University 


Business Club 

21 years with DoDDS 

Mr. Ezra Rice 
Technology Education 
Jackson State University, B.A. 
Ball State University, M.A. 
20 + years with DoDDS, 1st year at 

Mrs. Laura Roa 

French I, II, III 

Louisiana State University 

B.S., M.A. 

French Club Sponsor 

8 years at BflS 

Mr. David Seitz 
Biology II, Physiology 
Canal Zone College 
Montana State University, B.S. 
University of Southern Mississippi, 

Biological Honor Society 
5 years at BflS 

Mrs. Mayra Seitz 
Chemistry, Biology II 
Panama Canal College, A. A. 
University of Southern Mississippi, 

Biological Honor Society 
5 years at BHS, 6 years with 


I 104 J 


Mrs. Judy Severson 

Hawaii-Pacific University 
Loyola University 
B.S.B.A.. MEd 
Peer Helping 
4 years at BHS 

Mrs. Rita Sosa 

US Government, Psychology 

Wheelock College, B.S. in Ed. 

University of Oklahoma, M.A. 

80 + post graduate hours 

PRIDE-Charity Drives 

10 yrs. at BHS, 23 in Panama 

Mrs. Carol Sponberg 


Louisiana State University, B.S. 

Louisiana Tech. University, M.A. 

English Department Chair 

4 years at BHS, 19 total DODDS 

Mrs. Maria Tejada 
School Social Worker 
University of Washington, M.S.W. 
2 years at BHS 

Mrs. Anne Verville 

Mr. Carlos Vaz 
Spanish, AP Spanish 
Spanish Club 20+ years with 

It must be rridayl Mrs. Halvorsen anticipates the end of the day at a fac- 
ulty meeting in the library. Photo by Q. Dee 

This can't be a witch? Ms. Wall helps celebrate Halloween with her 
"kitchen witch" costume. Her creativity was appreciated by the S.A. who 
sponsored the Halloween costume contest. Photo by D. White 

Mr. J. Michael Vice 
Accounting, Keyboarding 
Cal. Berkeley 
Golden Gate University 
Sonoma State University 
B.S.-Business Administration 
B.A.-Hist. TCH. Cred. 
first year at BHS, 2 years in 

Ms. Cheryl Wall 
Math, Science, Social Studies 
Florida State University, B.S. -Ed. 
Virginia Tech., M.A. -Ed. 


Mr. Kenneth Waugh 
Economics, Psychology, 

Indiana University-B.S., M.S. 
San Francisco State Univ.-M.A. 
Senior Class Sponsor, Red Track 
9 yrs. at BHS, 20 with DoDDS 

Mrs. Dorothy E. White 


University of Oklahoma-B.S. 

Oklahoma State-M.A., M.S. 

Photography Club 

10 years at BHS, 14 with DoDDS 

Mr. Cecil Williams 
Analysis, Geometry 
Savannah State College-B.S. 
Notre Dame University-M.S. 
Girls Red Basketball 
Girls Bulldogs Soccer 
6 yrs. at BHS 

Dr. W. Edward Tyner 
Educational Prescriptionist 
Lee College-B.S. 
University of Tennessee 

University of Tennessee 

3 yrs. at BHS, 7 with DoDDS 

Mrs. Sylvia Baptiste 
Attendance Officer 

Mr. Ricardo Booth 
Assistant in Main Office 

Ms. Rosanna McClaren 
Computer Technician 

Ms. Madine Oakley 
Assistant in Main Office 

Mrs. Mariette Staha 
Transcript Clerk 

"Mo eating in the classroom" . . . Ms. Gibson gets caught in the act of 
her snack on a teacher work day. Luckily, no students were around. 
(Photo G. Dee) 



Controlling The Heat At Balboa High School 

Mr. Kenneth Anderson 

Assistant Principal 

Florida State University 

Appalachian State University 

B.S., M.A. 

11 years at BHS, 14 years with DoDDS 

So who exactly is at the top of 
it all? Who keeps the school 
running? Many of us do not 
know and some of us don't 
seem to even care. However, we 
should give credit where credit is 
due. The 'Head Honchos" at BHS 
aka Mr. Holland, Mr. Anderson, and 
Mrs. Hunt, continue to smooth out all 
the 'rough'' problems that occur at 
the high school. Besides having to 
handle all the paperwork and make 
appropriate decisions affecting the 
school, they also have to deal with 
us, the student body. Maintaining a 
stable environment for the students 
isn't easy. As we all know, there are 
many different kinds of people with 
different opinions and cultures and 
it's hard to please everyone. They've 
accomplished a lot this year and BHS 
is going strong. That's why our ad- 
ministrators are at the top of the 

Mr. Ernest W. Holland 


Sam Houston State University 


18 years at BHS 

Mrs. Doris Hunt 
Assistant Principal 
Bemidgi State University, B.S 
University of Minnesota, M.S. 
1 year at BHS 



Do I really have to put up with this? Mrs. Brewer tries to grin and 
108 faculty bear il while sne 90es through yet another stress filled day. 

And your opinion is? Teachers exchange feelings and many fa- 
cial expressions concerning the previous meeting. (All photos by Q. 

Say cheesel Mr. and Mrs. Koechlein enjoy a moment together during MONEY$$$l Student Association Accountant. Ms. Manchester, 
a Halloween party. J ust heard that there will be no audit on the books. 

Faculty 109 




jr 1 



Mr. Chen Sophomore Class 


ister Cheen" is 
the Sophomore 
Class sponsor 
and one of the In- 
dustrial Career teachers. He is known 
for gossiping with students and al- 
ways having to "tell you sonteen." If 
you're ever crossing the street to go 
visit him, cross 'where you get son- 
teen . . . don't cross where you get 
noteen." That refers to the rare oc- 
currence in which you'd get hit by a 
car for not using the crosswalk. That 
is very good advice-but what do you 
expect from a Drivers Ed teacher? 

Mrs. Company Junior Class 

Mrs. Company, came to 
BHS last year from Texas 
and has only been here 
for two years. She has 
been involved in many things such as 
sponsoring the Lettermen's Club and 
the Junior Class which includes han- 
dling class rings and Prom. Mrs. Com- 
pany also came down with a teaching 
technique new to most English class- 
es-that is the use of computers to im- 
prove writing skills. Thanks to teach- 
ers like her, BHS students can en- 
hance their computer skills in En- 

Mr. Waugh Senior Class Spon- 

Genie? Arab? Hippie? . . . 
Track star? The last one is 
probably closest to the 
truth. Mr. Kenneth Waugh 
has been the Senior Class Sponsor 
for quite a while now. This job can 
cause a lot of stress; enough to make 
one take up jogging around the track, 
riot only does he enjoy jogging, he 
also coaches the BHS Bulldog track 
team. He teaches Economics, U.S. 
Government and always helps out at 
many school events. No wonder the 
Seniors love him! 


If this computer doesn't do it, 1 
don't know what will. Jackie 
Weeks concentrates on the com- 


Heated Minds Want to Know 

Academics are indeed an integral part of any 
school. This is usually the least desired part of the 
school year. It involves too much thinking and an- 
alyzing in the time of life when one prefers to sit back and 
relax. Well, this is true for most students. Maybe it is be- 
cause academics are a requirement and, being the 
"rebels" teenagers are supposed to be, anything required 
is "least desired". 

Academics have been instilled in every student's mind 
since pre-school. From learning the ABC's to basic math- 
ematics, academics gives us knowledge of the world 
around us. Without academics, we wouldn't know that the 
planets revolve around the sun, that plants produce their 
own food, or that y=5x + 3 is a linear equation. So, it is 
obvious that academics are what makes us educated and 

Perhaps it's homework that makes us dislike academ- 
ics the most. Sure, homework helps us, but who wants to 
take work home? Then again, it could be those reports we 
are constantly being assigned. Whatever the case, it is all 
part of the learning process we must all go through. Even- 
tually, we will be grateful for ail the knowledge we at- 
tained through academics. 

"Hey, hold the stringl" Monique 
Carbonell assisted by Oscar Zap- 
ata. Takashl Murata and David 
Choi, measure the height of Bal- 
boa s head. Students used only 
the sun. a string and a protractor 
to accomplish this assignment. 
(Photo by P. Cowles) 

"Let s get this donel" Kari Syr- 
dahl watches as Billy Wing pre- 
pares his catapult for the Physics 
contest. Students had to make 
last minute adjustments to fix the 
catapults height and weight. 
(Photo by M. Schulz) 


Physics Students' Stress 

Physics is one of 
the most rigorous 
of the Extended 
classes offered at 
BHS. Students who enroll 
in this course know that 
they will be spending long 
hours after school in the 
lab working on assign- 
ments, creating catapults, 
building rockets, bridges, 
and whatever else Mr. 
Thale can come up with to 
challenge them. What ca- 
reer field will use the Phys- 
ics skills learned this year? 
NASA rocket scientists. En- 
gineers, Architects, Chem- 
ists, Aeronautics, to name 
but a fewl Maybe one of 
these "Stressed-out Thale- 
ans" will put their BHS 
Physics skills to good use 
and become famous! 

"Sometimes I just want 
to cry!", exclaims Monique 
Carbonell when asked how 
her Physics class is going. 
Other students would like 

to see Mr. Thale retire 

Truthfully, BHS students 
know that their work is 
tougher than most classes 
require. "I know at the end 
of my senior year I'll be 
sorry to leave Physics", 
comments Billy Wing. One 
of the most memorable 
projects is the Rocket 
launch. The launch will oc- 
cur after the yearbook is 
laid to rest. Balboa Elemen- 
tary students work with 
BHS Physics students to 
build the fastest, highest- 
flying rockets. This is a 
popular event at both 
schools because students 
get to attend during the 
school day in the BHS sta- 

So, if you like hard work, 
computers, calculators, 
weights and rulers, enroll 

The final test Mr. Thale. Phys- 
ics teacher, gives his final ap- 
proval in the weight of a lab exper- 
iment. Physics Is one of the most 
demanding of the advanced 
courses offered at BHS. (Photo by 
M. Schulz) 

"Hurry up before Mr. Thale sees 
us!" Jim Ortiz. Garth Hlggins. 
Tony (Jsera and Takashl Murata 
work outside on the front lawn. 
They are measuring the height of 
the Panamanian flag by the fire 
station. (Photo by D. White) 

"Hey, I think my ink just ran outl" 
Exclaims Jessica Quinlan. as she 
works with Adam Boyko, and Lisa 
Korolyshyn on their physics ex- 
periment. (Photo by D. White) 

Maintaining a constant speed 
isn't as easy as it appears. Senior 
Jerome Price attempts to ride in a 
straight line in the annual Physics 
Olympiads Bicycle contest. (Photo 
by M. Schulz) 

What is the GMP? Economics stu- 
dents C. Foveda, M. Versalles, and 
M. Cooper look up the answers for 
Mr. Waugh's worksheet. 
(Photo by J. Szymanski) 

A diligent worker. Jr. Hernandez 

outlines a chapter for Government 
class. Hotetaking is a daily occur- 
rence for BHS students. 
(Photo by J. Szymanski) 

"Just one more glance at my 
notes" exclaims Joaquin Boyd as 
he does some last minute cram- 
ming before the bell rings and his 
test begins! 
(Photo by M. Kuo) 

Searching for that one source 
William Muff looks up information 
in the card catalogue. The BHS li- 
brary has a large selection for stu- 
dents to choose from. 
( Photo by J. Szymanski) 


Students Hit The Books 

"I thought I saw that answerl" 

Janelle McGuinness takes a break 

on the carpet to complete her 


(Photo by J. Szymanski) 

Last minute studying is 
an art at Balboa High 
School. It seems like as- 
signments, tests, and pa- 
pers are always due on the 
same dates. This forces 
kids to procrastinate on 
many "due" dates. Most 
kids will juggle the comple- 
tion of these assignments 
by doing some and not oth- 
ers until the last possible 
second. Thus, "Cramming 
begins! This "art" isn't un- 
usual to any school. 

You can always hear kids 
in the hallways talking 
about how late they stayed 
up to cram for a test. They 
didn t have "time" to study 
before the night before! Of 
course, there are those 
who do know how to bal- 
ance their schedules and 
use their notebooks to 
their advantage and keep 
up with "due" dates. These 

students have a lot less 

This year with so many 
after school activities to 
choose from, it's easy to 
see why BHS students learn 
to cram on assignments 
early on in the year. It 
doesn't matter whether you 
are on the Honor Roll or 
not, you can still get caught 
at the last minute if you're 
staying late after school for 
a sport, club activity, or try- 
ing to meet a deadline for 
the newspaper or year- 

Let's face it, even after 
high school, students will 
continue to wait until the 
last minute to get their 
work done! Hopefully, 
they'll have learned a little 
from high school and not 
wait until the night before 
to write a paper! 


Is that my grade? Ana Sherry cal- 
culates her grade with precision. 
She wants to make sure to get ev- 
ery point possible. (Photo by J. 

Whooshl Physics students take 
over the rocket launch. Balboa el- 
ementary students joined them 
once again to experience the phe- 
nomenon. (Photo by D. White) 


Classes That Cause Sweat 

AP English, AP Spanish, 
AP Calculus, Extended 
Physiology, Extended Phys- 
ics, Extended Government. 
Extended U.S. History, Ex- 
tended Analysis . can 
you think of any more rigor- 
ous courses for BUS stu- 
dents to be in? Well, these 
are the classes students 
dread because of the work 
load and challenge they 
present each semester. 

Many students work to- 
gether on group projects 
for some of these advanced 
classes, but most of the as- 
signments are individually 
done. When you are taking 
more than one advanced 
class, life can get a little 
hairy. It always seems like 
the "tough" courses re- 
quire extra written assign- 
ments, oral reports, lab 
work, journals, research 

papers and all these as- 
signments are due at the 
same time. There is some 
consolation in the fact that 
students pull together to 
help one another on many 
assignments. That helps 
ease the burden when the 
final crunch comes. 

Most students take these 
courses, because they want 
the quality points afforded 
for being in an AP or Ex- 
tended class. Many don't 
realize that those quality 
points aren't easy to earn. 
Lots of BHS students sign 
up each semester for more 
than one "tough'' class 
and end up dropping out 
because the work becomes 
too stressful. At least kids 
get the chance to try and 
find out just what subjects 
they are really interested 

And the tone of this poem Is? . . . 
Hmmm Senior Chelsea Coffey 
analyses a poem for her A. P. En- 
glish class. A. P. English students 
looked into stories, poems and 
novels with great depth. (Photo by 
J. Staha) 

Did I calculate this correctly? 

More physics? Well, when it comes 
to extended Physics things be- 
come even more complicated. Jer- 
ome Price was one of the many 
students who took on this chal- 
lenge. (Photo by D. White) 



S-T-R-E-S-SMI Such a common 
word heard practically everywhere 
at BHS. Teachers Mrs. Sosa, Mrs. 
Fisher, Mr. Fendrick, and Mr. 
Waugh let the whole world know 
what they feel during Halloween. 
This definitely comes with an A. P. 
course package. 

What does everyone And so hard 
about Calculus? Chris Conrigan 

looks over his notes once more 
before putting them away. Al- 
though this class was offered last 
year too, this year the A. P. advan- 
tage was automatically included. 
(Photo by J. Staha) 


Cartoon manial For the month of 
March-Art month, the Art club ex- 
pressed itself through their artistic 
abilities on one of the school's 

Creating masterpieces Trevor 
Huddleston and Rebecca heard 
find themselves backstage doing 
the "tedious " work for the upcom- 
ing BUS performance. 

Far out and yonder Members 

of the Biological Honor Society ob- 
serve the nature around Qatun 
lake on one of their many trips 
throughout the year. 


Tropic Tribes 

It is the natural tendency of humans to group to- 
gether. This is true of the BHS Tropical Medley. 
Common interests get people together. That is what 
clubs are all about. Clubs do several things through- 
out the year. Money needs to be raised, so it is not un- 
usual to be bombarded with cupcakes, cakes, cookies, 
and other baked goods to buy during the week. Other 
clubs get more creative and sell pizzas or candygrams. 
The Computer Club has a love survey every year around 
Valentine's and sells the results. 

Besides fundraisers, there are also field trips and char- 
ity drives. French Club members take field trips to French 
restaurants and the French Embassy. The national Honor 
Society holds a Toy Drive collecting toys for the poor, dur- 
ing Christmas. The Ecology Club recycles the school's 
waste paper. Biological Honor Society members can be 
found hiking all over Panama and working in the BHS 

Part of the fun of being in a club is being with people 
who are into the same things. Many friendships find a 
start here and a myriad of memories are made. Being in a 
club can lead to doing new things and having different ex- 
periences. Involvement with clubs is as educational as it 
is rewarding. It is also a kind of preparation for college 
and the real world. Knowing how to deal with other peo- 
ple is a useful skill. 

Hew club members are encouraged and welcomed. The 
Tropic Tribes of BHS offer a variety of learning and shar- 
ing opportunities combined with fun. So, if you haven't 
joined a club this year think about what you're missing 
and join next year. 



Drama Club And Thespians Prepare For "Opening night" 

Row 1: Marciacq P., Lloyd M., Row 2: Maxwell H., Espinoza A., Robbins Row 1: Montgomery R.. Poore T., Severson T., Ullrich J.. Jimenez C, 

A., Graham J., Hurst Q., Row 3: Chastain H., Roca P., Ollendick H., Row 2: Austin A., Hernandez J., Mongeon M. (These are a few of the 

McDade T., Christopherson J. (These are a few of the Drama I students Drama 1 students from 5th period) 
from 4th period) 


Congratulations! Stacey Boozer 
and Mrs. Mitchell exchange a 
warm handshake as Stacey is 
given her "Honor Thespian - ' pin. 
Becoming a member of this elite 
group requires many hours of 
work on play productions back- 
stage as well as on stage. 

Do your own thing. Hard as they 
try, not everyone fully seems to be 
aware of what's going on during 
play rehearsal. One stares off in 
space, another wears a totally 
traumatic face, and the rest try to 
pay attention and remember their 

Is it the Queen of England? How 
about the Queen of Qrand Fen- 
wick! From the Fall Play, The 
Mouse That Roared ", Dilcia Yanez 
tries to portray her character to 

Drama I students from 6th period: K. Conquergood, A. Qoodno, B. Brit- 
ton. These are only a few of the 90 students enrolled in Drama I this 

Thespians: Front: S. Boozer, D. Yanez, R. Heard, L. Rojas, K. Lopez, A. 
Kinghom. A. Marx. 2nd: J. Quinlan, C. Coffey, V. Hernandez, M. Profis, C. 
Royo, K. Nolte. C. Collins. 3rd: S. Unger, F. Carrolla. 4th: Q. Corbett, J. 
Hannah, N. Nathan, B. Myrick, B. Smith, J. Meal, J. Ullrich, J. Weeks, Mrs. 
Mitchell, M. Kelly. 



Spanish And French Clubs Express Their Side Of Culture 

Agual Agual Wehhhlll Moving to 
the Carnival beat in high spirits, 
Nicole Frank dances to the Car- 
naval beat for the Spanish "Com- 
parsa." For many, camaval time 
means "mojadera" (or getting 
wet), but for the Spanish Club, 
other ways were expressed. 

Euahl La Hierbital Members of the 
Spanish Club Court performed 
many dances to "tipico." Here Mr. 
Andersen crowns Miggy Castro 
Carnaval Queen '94 after their per- 

La Reina. Queen Miggy Castro 
stops for a pose on the stage dur- 
ing her hectic night at Camavalito 
94. (All photos by M. Bales) 



Front row: A. Spurlock; 2nd row: J. Weeks, V. Uhorchak, T. Llach (Pres.), 
"1. Nassiff; 3rd row: M. Castro, Mr. Figueroa (sponsor); 4th row: S. Linger, 
V. Spratling, L. Rojas, T. Usera. 



Front row: D. Qrajales, E. Small, J. Montalvo, C. Rivera, S. Phelps, J. Rob- 
inson, J. Staha, L. Rojas, N. Nassiff, W. Pohl, I. Rodriguez; 2nd row: V. 
Hernandez, J. Penkoske, A. Santa, E. Andersen, E. Qifford, A. Spurlock 
(Tres,), J. Boyd, N. Frank, C. Del Hoyo, V. Spratling, T. Llach (V-Pres.); 
3rd row: M. Stall, R. McQuinness, S. Beattie, H. Brunner; 4th row: C. 
Lively, A. Urriola, K. Lee, J. McQuinness, J. Posey, B. Swenty, C. Poveda, 
L. Robertson, S. linger, M. Kelly, R. Nandwani. M. Castro (Pres.) and V. 
Uhorchak (Sec.) not pictured. 

Students in the French Club pose 
for a shot outside the historical 
French Embassy building in Las 
Bovedas. This area of Panama is 
of great historical significance. 

Jessie Berger and Francisco Ser- 
rano pause during a French Club 
field trip. Students got to miss 
school and explore the old French 
section of Panama city. 



Front row: F. Adams. M. Mckay, M. Kuo, D. Grajales, S. Trippany, J.B. 
Balbastro, E. Luck, 2nd row: A. Ferguson. Mrs. Roa (Sponsor), E. Small, 
E.J. Arosemena, B. Kemp, J. Baumgardner, M. Luck. 3rd row: K. Meyers, 
E. Santa, C. Querra. M. Hert, Y. Hudson, M. Souffrant, H. Sokol, A. Marx, 
4th: D. Batista, B. Barrett, C. Tapanes 


Front Row: M. Kuo, D. Qrajales, S. Trippany, Back: Mrs. Roa, J. Baum- 
gardner. M. Hert, Y. Hudson, B. Barrett 



Students Keep In Touch With Society To Make The World A Better 



Front row: A. Robbins, J. Posey, E.J. Arosemena, C. Collins, 2nd row: B. 

Kemp, N. Mieves, A. Pena, 3rd row: E. Carlson, Y. Hudson, M. Hert, A. Ur- 

riola, A. Vidaurri, J. Miller, B. Carpenter, P. Edwards, 4th: A. Sosa, Mrs. 



Front: D. Qrajales, 2nd row: L. Constante, M. Aleman, S. Kelly, K. Meyer, 
3rd row: N. Moran, M. Schulz, Mrs. Othon, 4th row: A. Qerguson, K. Man- 
ning, B. Reese, R. Stewart. 

Delicious Temptations. Members 
of the Biological Honor Society ex- 
amine snake specimens during 
their tour of the labs on Barro Col- 
orado Island. Photo by F. Kuo 

Hi Ho Hi-Ho a hiking we will 
gol" Enduring strenuous hikes is 
a part of the Biological Honor So- 
ciety's many field trips during the 
school year. Photo by F. Kuo 

Checking the list, national Honor 
Society member Tyler Quinn 
looks for his hallway assignment 
during back to school night. MHS 
members helped parents find their 
way to class. Photo by M. Schulz 


1st row: A. Vidaurri, J. McQuinness, J. Pownall (Treasurer), J. Ullrich, 
2nd: S. Boozer, J. Penkoske, C. Querra, L. Rojas, C. Coffey (Secretary), J. 
Staha (President), D. Qrajales. N. Nassiff, S. McKee. J. Weeks, T. Kemp, 
3rd: D. Yanez, J. Posey, M. Chase, A. Kinghom, M. Hert, J. Baumgardner, 
D. Norman, S. Unger, 4th: M. Collins, S. Beattie, A. Sherry, E. Santa, A. 
Urriola, A. Sosa, Mr. Jaen (Sponsor), C. Corrigan. Y. Hudson, L. Smith, T. 
Quinn. F. Kuo, E. Carlson, R. Nandwani, David Choi (Vice-Pres.) not pic- 


1st: K. Kemp. J. Mauser, 2nd: J. Pownall. M. Kelly. J. Penkoske, M. Seppy. V. Her- 
nandez, N. Nassiff, 3rd: C. Querra. J. Quinlan. Y. Hudson. J. Balbastro. K. Mon- 
tagne. 5. Boozer. D. Yanez. N. Nathan. M. Schulz. A. Emest, K. Wilder. 4th: M. Hert, 
V. Spratling. I. Rodriguez, C. Souffrant. L. Rojas, C. Royo, D. Qrajales. V. Uhorchak. 
J. Ullrich, R. Heard, 5th: A. Alvarado, M. Carbonell. M. Kuo. S. Unger. J. Weeks, C. 
Coffey. Mr. Seitz (Sponsor), B. Vanairsdale. A. Vidaurri, J. McQuinness. A. Urriolla. 
B. Larrabee. J. Pownall (Sec). J. Posey. E. Arosemena. J. Diaz, D. Choi. M. Fisher, 
M. Chase, T. Kemp. A. Sherry. C. Poveda. L. Robertson. L. Cuthbert. M. Church, R. 
Nandwani. F. Kuo. S. McKee. Bach: T. Usera, E. Carlson. D. Sprague. S. Beattie. B. 
Swenty. E. Schnack, C. Corrigan. M. Chase. D. Norman, A. Page. 



Choruses, Band, And Peer Helpers Share Their Talents 

Waiting for the cut-off. Mrs. Mon- 
louis directs the select chorus 
during a performance. 

"Hold it," K. Pierre and T. Shaw 
warm-up before Select Chorus 
practice begins. Singers must 
warm-up before they perform. 

Working hard. These guys, C. Pov- 
eda, W. Delgado, and R. Young, 
prove that they can read music 
during select chorus class. 


Front: K. Faye. R. Gomez, K. Pierre, T. Bacot, M. Shaw, M. Flores, A. Alva- 
rado, V. Hernandez, C. Querra. 2nd: M. Kuo, K. Nakagawa, N. Yano, I. Ro- 
driguez, C. Bourbeau, M. Cooper, W. Delgado, M. Littrell, B. McArty. 3rd: 
B. Hoover, J. Staha, S. Boozer, L. Cooper, C. Poveda, N. Park, K. Myer, L. 
Rines, M. Moran, D. Yanez. 4th: T. Wrice, S. Darnell, R. Long, R. Young 



Front: T. Bacot, M. Kuo, J. Staha, I. Rodriguez, K. Pierre, F. Rolon, Y. 
Espina, T. Usera, M. Littrell, V. Hernandez, D. Yanez. 2nd: N. Yano, T. 
Shaw, C. Bourbeau, C. Rivera, A. Beech, J. Torres, D. La Place, N. 
Miller, B. McArty, E. Spencer, A. Alvarado. 3rd: S. Merkel, S. Boozer, 
E. Ricketts, M. Cooper, K. Makagawa, M. Hanada, R. Long, W. Del- 
gado, L. Kelly, C. Querra, M. Flores, K. Meyer. 4th: K. Faye, B. Hoover, 
L. Allen, B. Wintters, M. Berrios, C. Poveda, J. Ellingsen, S. Darnell, R. 
Young, M. Womble, D. Jimenez, N. Moran. 

"Oom-Pa-Pa" Thomas Brice- 

land works hard during Band prac- 
tice everyday in first period. The 
tuba is a very difficult instrument 
to play. (Photo by M. Bales) 

Santa's Helper. A member of the 
BHS Peer-Helpers, Erica Gilford, 
works with a student from Balboa 
Elementary school at their Christ- 
mas party. ( Photo by J. Severson) 


Front: M. Souffront. M. Yamashito, 2nd: K. Santos, H. Berrios, K. 
White, A. Bonnick, R. Kinghom, 3rd: R. Petersen, A. Watanabe, I. Wag- 
ner, K. Makagawa, M. Morales, J. Coronado, S. McKee, L. Cowling, 
4th: E. Speir, R. Kinard, S. Darnell, R. Brown. T. Epperson, H. Smith, 
T. Briceland, R. Wiley, 5th: T. Chase, L. Rojas, M. Fisher, F. Adams, Q. 
Mevin, T. Wrice 


Front: A. Beach, J. Weeks, T. Severson, E. Clifford, M. Dobson, T. Arocho, 
Mrs. Severson, Back: H. Maxwell, L. Edwards, S. Johnson, S. McKee, E. 
Anderson, J. Miller, N. Mieves, P. Edwards, B. Kemp, J. Hauser 



Four Clubs With Four Different Ways Of Showing Concern For 



rront row: C. Corrigan, T. Decerega. Mrs. Alvarado (Sponsor), N. Char- Front row: K. Faye, C. Del Hoyo. J. Qina, S. Unger. A. Ferguson, J. Quin- 
leville, T. Usera; 2nd row: B. Larrabee. M. Schulz, A. Vidaurri, top: A. Ian, B. Kostelny; 2nd row: S. Petersen. F. Kuo. E. Anderson, C. Poveda, 
Marx (all of the group is not pictured here) S. Sears, T. Severson, F. Geary, Ms. Baca (Sponsor): 3rd row: J. Movotny, 

D. Shorter, E. Hernandez. E. Gifford, A. Boyko, A. Page. 


This is the fifth time I've done this 
and I still can't get it rightl Jr. 
Hernandez stresses on a Pascal 
Programming problem as Adam 
Boyko stands by observing and is 
glad he isn't in Jr's position. 

Oh pleasel Arnold Perguson fig- 
ures it's just computer program- 
ming and he knows what's going 
on — or does he? Candid photos 
by P. Baca. 

Finished! It only took Michelle 
Versailles two days to work this 
problem in Pascal Programming. 


Pront row: J. Diaz, M. Jenkins 2nd row: Mr. Ramirez (sponsor), J. Posey, 

J. fligley, A. Higley, S. Qolombiewski. Qroup photos by M. Carbonell. 


Pront row: M. Michie, D. Shorter, T. Tenturier, M. Seppy, D. Rowley 2nd 
row: T. Murata, J. Qina, I. Wagner, J. Ortiz, S. Sears, A. Boyko Not 
picctured: E. Anderson, E. Qifford, S. Qillespie, B. Kostelny, C. Krapfl, A. 
Page, B. Vanairsdale, J. Quinlan. 


"Ummmm, there's nothing like leche conden- 
sada" Nonique Carbonell takes a break 

from the darkroom after midnight during the 
yearbook "lock-in ". (Photo by J. Staha) 

A typical scene in the yearbook room. Editors, 
Jessica Staha and Michelle Kuo are hard at 
work in their comer of the yearbook room. 
(Photo by J. Szymanski) 


'94 Zonian Staff Puts It All Together 

Stress. There's nothing else 
quite like it when it comes to 
working on the yearbook. 
Lay-outs need to be drawn, 
stories need to be written and cap- 
tions have to be thought up on the 
spur of the moment. Photography is a 
big part of yearbook, too. Only a few 
BMS students take photos for the staff 
to choose from and even a smaller 
number actually work in the dark- 
room to develop and print pictures. It 
always seems like we'll never have 
enough GOOD photos to use in our 
layouts. The students you see pic- 
tured on these pages are responsible 
for your '94 ZOMIAM. They drew lay- 
outs, printed stories and indexed all 
the names, designed and planned the 

entire 200 pages, cover to cover! Un- 
less you have ever tried to write an ar- 
ticle or identify a group for a picture, 
you can't imagine the task-committ- 
ment it takes to work on a yearbook 
staff. Many students start out on the 
staff at the beginning of each school 
year, but only the serious, dedicated 
few endure the task! The bulk of this 
work is accomplished after school 
and on the weekends. This year's 
small group even spent a Sat. nighl 
after the Camivalito Dance in the 
yearbook room trying to meet a dead- 
line! That's the kind of dedication il 
takes to produce a top-notch book. I 
hope you will be as proud of theii 
work as I am! Mrs. Bales 


Keeping the index straight. Jeni Szymanski 
checks off names from copysheets to be en- 
tered in the computer. (Photo by F. Kuo) 

"Peek-a-Boo". Mrs. Bales hopes nobody will 
see her sleeping under her desk in the year- 
book room. The staff stayed up all night to try 
and get a bunch of pages finished. (Photo by J. 

■ "" 

»<*■ •* 

The "Lay-out King". Franz Kuo displays his 
talent with the "pica-pal" ruler. Besides draw- 
ing hundreds of layouts, Franz was in charge of 
the INDEX! (Photo by J. Szymanski) 



Students In Reserve Officers Training Corps Prepare For The 




1st: A. Kirkpatch, M. Clark, Jr. Hernandez, R. Abrego, C. Del Hoyo, M 
Charleville, A. Cruze, 2nd: T. Singleton, M. Lim, P. DeLeon, E. Luck, M 
Rivera, M. Hert, E. Zayas, L. Jurado, 3rd: L. Traylor, A. Renfro, R. Sey 
bold, E. Luck, R. Qorman, I. Acosta, J. Fowler, I. Rodriguez, 4th: T. Rojo 
S. Blount, D. Batista, E. Corsbie, C. Hall, S. Choochard, E. Longgoria, C 
Banda, R. Chang, 5th: W. Reese, C. Tapanes, J. Martinez, R. Lee, L 
Smith, E. Gutierrez, J. Haughton, L. Paredes, K. Flagg, S. Tapia, T. Brice 
rid, O. Zayas, S. Antadillas, J. Ely, J. Higley, T. Hopkins, A. Coward. 

134 Clubs 


1st: T. Bennett, M. Lloyd, A. Aird, J. Gutierrez, B. Hoover, W. Moore, M. 
Plahovinsak, P. Edwards, 2nd: B. Wintters, Y. Herrera, D. Del Cid, V. Git- 
tens, F. Rodriguez, T. Fan-is, R. Rodriguez, K. Foumier, R. Min, S. Ward, 
3rd: J. Valdez, V. Sanchez, M. Michie, A. Gutierrez, S. Leggett, A. Bamett, 
K. Montagne, G. Daniel, A. Coward, 4th: G. Jimenez, K. Wells, J. O'Keefe, 
M. McKay, J. Morales, T. Silveria, A. Cooper, G. Tulk, L. Frias, 5th: L. 
Allen, H. Jeffrey, A. Keene, D. La Placa, T. Hay, J. Thompson, J. 
Blanchett, N. Blades, R. Vega, G. Priolo 

Inquiring minds want to know. 
ROTC students attend an Armed 
Forces lecture in the BUS library. 

So who is falling asleep here? 
Sometimes lectures can become 
too tiring, especially at the end of 
7th period. (Photo by M. Bales) 

It's an art thangl Art students 
show their more creative side for 
"Youth Art Month." (Photo by P. 


Front: C. Del floyo, R. Qorman, C. Banda. O. Zayas, M. Michi, t\. Flagg, H. 
Jeffrey, B. Winnters, P. DeLeon, Second: R. Chang, L. Smith, J. O'Keefe, 
E. Longoria, A. Cruz, IS. Montagane. F. Rivas, N. Blades, R. Seybolt, C. 
Tapanes, Back: A. Cooper 


(In Alphabetical Order): A. Alvarado, L. Castillo, M. Davis, J. Qalvez, J. 

Lantry, B. Marx, R. McArty, P. McKeon, K. Meyer, C. Perez, E. Zayas 



Students In Photography Club And Parakeet Learn How To Get The "Right Shot" 

"I hate deadlines" . . . Jack Miller 
tries to finish his article for the 
Parakeet while Robert Reyes is 
printing his. Students in Journal- 
ism classes produce the school 
newspaper. (Photo by P. Cowles) 

"Gotcha" . . . Photographer Rich- 
ard Nolan snaps off the end of his 
roll at one of the sporting events 
during the year. (Photo by D. 

Smile for the camera Students on 
the Parakeet staff pick up film at 
the PX. L to R: Amy Fry, Maylinn 
Steinbarger, and Juan Palacio 


A. Alvarado, T. Bacot, L. Cuthbert, C. Collins. C. Coffey. M. Chapman, M 
Carbonell, M. Cover, D. Choi, L. Cercenia, C. Corona, R. Ellingsen, C 
Guerra, A. Greene, K. Holihan, J. Hauser, J. Hannah, C. Herring, A. Her 
nandez, M. Kuo, C. Krapfl, D. Lantry, K. Lopez, R. McArty, E. McComsey 
R. McConaughey, K. Manning, C. Monaghan, R. McCann, R. Nolan, M 
Oura, S. Phelps, J. Palacio, T. Quinn, L. Rojas, P. Roca, B. Reese, I. Rod 
riguez. M. Steinbarger, M. Schulz, K. Syrdhal. J. Szymanski, J. Staha, H 
Thompson, C. Tapanes, J. Thompson, I. Wagner 
136 Clubs 


Front: R. Gomez, M. Steinbarger, J. Engelke, J. Hauser, J. Palacio Back: 

B. Vanairsdale, L. Leontiev, A. Pry, C. Coffey, J. Penkoske, C. Collins 

Dance Team: C. Querra, K. Pierre, 
M. Vasquez, 2nd: K. Santos, J. 
Gonzalez, 3rd: M. Souffront, D. 
Qrajales, H. Sokol, 4th: C. Querra, 
J. Baumgardner, Top: C. Souffront 

"Another day, another deadline". 
Michelle Kuo gets lost in thought 
while typing a story for yearbook. 

"Coming out of the dark ..." 
Marie Schulz gets a chance in the 
light instead of always working in 
the darkroom to print photos for 
the yearbook. (Photo by P. 

Dreaming of the end to yearbook 
production. Franz Kuo doesn't re- 
alize he is captured forever on film 
while he tries to get a good night's 
sleep in the yearbook room. 



■please, PLEASE buy a Close-Up ticket from 
me l ," Heather Thompson calmly sells an- 
other raffle ticket for Close-Up to Renee Stew- 
art, although inside she is bursting with joy to 
have one less ticket to sell. 

Something Every Club Meeds To Survive f 


A major problem all 
clubs go through is 
how to finance their 
activities. The remedy 
this problem is fund raising. 
Dedicated members give up a few 
of their after school hours to 
bake some goodies. These 
dedicated members also give up 
their lunch hour to sell in the 
S.A. store, the breeze way, or 
anywhere willing buyers can 

be found. Fund raising went 
through an all time low when 
the new McDonalds opened, 
since it was in walking distance 
from the high school. Many- 
students could be found at 
McDonalds for the first few 
weeks; but after the thrill of a 
new place to eat lunch wore off, 
fund raisers went back into 

By J. Szymanski 

/ / / 

■■■ ■•■ 

Photo by M. Schultz 

Photo by M. Schulz 

Ho huml Another day. another $40.00. Al- 
though most of David Goodno's lunch hour is 
spent selling yearbooks, this is a good exam- 
ple of what dedication is all about! 

Oopsl A little too much mustardl Jahaira Mon- 
talvo helps support ROTC at a football game. 
The concession stand is a great club fund- 

S.A. store business strives to make profit. Al 
though the ever-popular S.A. store is con- 
stantly raising money for different clubs, it is al- 
ways a hit. Mere Michelle Collins gives her 
lunch hour to sell for a school club. 


I'm so thirstyl Jessica Penkoske 

indulges in a nice cold drink of wa- 
ter while Morgan Seppy urges her 
not to finish it-the BUS hike isn't 
done just yet! 


Sing a little songl As they stand in 
correct chorus position. N. Yano 
and K. Nakagawa do their best to 
project their voices. 

S-t-r-e-t-c-h! Doing her duties, M. 
Paulsrud works backstage to com- 
plete the scenery for the BUS fall 
play. The Mouse That Roared.'' 

Yummy-a munchiel As Tony De- 
cerega slowly bites into a brownie 
at one of the Close-Up meetings. 
Heather Thompson suddenly 
wishes she hadn't given him the 
last one. 

Photo by P. Cowles 




Photo by J. Severson 


now, what else do I write down? 
Shauna Sears ponders on any 
more ideas that could contribute 
to the computer club. 

Santa's helper. Spreading Christ- 
mas spirit. Bonnie Kemp helps 
out for Peer Helping at the Balboa 
Elementary School. 





Jamboree Victory. Robert Reyes. 
Lance Von tlollen. Coach Bales, 
Robbie Qarcia. and Brian Rowley 
display their Cougar Pride by hold- 
ing up the Jamboree trophy after 
their victory. 

Look, two hands and four 

legs? Red Machine cheerleader 
Julie Matthews sits on Wendy Win- 
kler during a dance routine at the 
Homecoming Pep Rally. 


Hot Action in the Tropics 

Wham! Slam! Bang! Another year of sizzling 
sports stories officially begins with the Jambo- 
ree kick-off. As the school year progresses, the 
record book continues to accumulate the 
touchdowns, slam-dunks, set points, homeruns, spikes, 
goals, and track records. The road trips to Cristobal to 
face the Tigers are a sports season requirement and pro- 
vide more excitement. 

The tropics offers two seasons to play in — rainy and 
dry. These aren't exactly the best seasons, either you are 
soaked and muddy or frying and dehydrating. Sports con- 
tinue to take place, nonetheless, as the teams toil and 
practice to battle the competition. Despite the fact that 
there are four teams for one school, team spirit is not diffi- 
cult to come by. 

from football to volleyball, BHS students can attend or 
play sports all year long. Whether you are an outdoor or 
indoor sports fan, there's something here for everyone. 

For those who are into something different, the tropics 
have several other options. Surfing, scuba diving, sailing, 
hang gliding, hiking, biking, and jet-skiing are just a few. 
Those who haven't yet found a sport, a sport will eventu- 
ally find you. 



Students Take The Gridiron 

Good game Coach' . Cougar 
Coach r. Bales congratulates Red 
Machine Coach R. Dahlstrom after 
their 10 to loss to Red. 


*s. iL 

...« w *-*w 

> <* * * 

- Front; R. Reyes, a Martens. J. Olton. D. Rivera. C. Benson. J. Shaha, 

W. Futtrell. C Banda, L Powell, L Gonzalez: 2nd row: R. Garcia, C. Varies. 1- Castillo. 

L Von Hollen, W. Huff, A. Livingston. F. Adams, L konawlcz, F. Gonzalez; 3rd row: 

M Roscoe. H. Wilkinson, O. Crouch. S. Pinto. ). Washburn. J. Salinas. J. Salinas, B. 

Rowley. J. Lope/. S. M< kec; 4th row: M. Webb, F. Stanford, M Morgan. D. Edwards. B. 

Donaldson. G. Tulk. R. Ballasteros, R. Mln, M. Hinds. S. Oakley. Coach Grade, Coach 


Bulldogs : 1st: K. Johnston, D, Spraguc, A. Urriola. B. Kemp. K. Clsnerns. k. Williams. 

M. Seppy. M Tirado 2nd: J. Zornes. D. Arias. A. Ross. M. Considlne. A. Staton. I. 
Novotny, T. tills. T. Hopkins. A. Beach. J. Price. R. Underwood 3rd: A. Gabrielson. S. 
Beanie, B. Beach. M Navlcky. J. Lasater. G. Foster, F. Buendia. B. Gamer, O. Herazo. A. 

Cooper 4th: Coach Blis, R. Martinez, J. Pownall. 1. Ollvares. D. Sharp. B. Whatley. B. 

Swenty. J. Bibbo Back; Coach Martlntv. B. Smiley . W. fcngelke. T. Cook. C. Manlnelll, L 

Weade. J. Galvez, R. Sweeney. Coach Williams. Coach Weade. 

■ T^.oT:,.'.' I ~* 

Breaking Loose. Tiawan Hopkins 

finds room to roam against the 
Cougar defensive front. 

Found it outl Red Machine full- 
back H.B. Twohy hammers it up 
inside versus tough Bulldog resis- 


The fearsome foursome Green Devils players J. Williford, C. Cook, 
W. Reese, and T. Quinn show mixed emotions before a game. 


*J ft 

a n 

PCC Green Devils- Front: L Lincoln. M Hart. L McGulnness, P. Monoghan. B. Marx. 

M, Carroll. M. Frlckson. J. McGulnness: 2nd row: P. Williford. H. Davis. D. Bright. D. 

lightell, L Knudson, D. Ortiz. |. Trim, R. Martinez. M. Kuo: 3rd row: K- Bates, a 

Underwood. B. Chastain. J. Gonzalez. K, Ilusted, T. Decerega. W. Pohl. J. Staha; 4th row: 

Coach Sweeney. T. Ferguson, A. Sosa, M. Buchanan, J. Williford. L Gibson. T. Quinn, 

M. Watanabe. Coach Husted 

Ralhoa Red Machine - Front: A. Jenkins. C. Corrigan. D. Foster. J. Holzwarth, T. Hicks, 
H. Twohy. J. Evans. J. Olivares, J. Bates; 2nd row: M. Nieves. R. Abrego. R. Watanabe. 
L Edwards, W. Ortiz. L Longoria. D. Lopez, T. Usera: 3rd row: Coach Dahlstrom. R. 
George. R. Askarate, T. Robinson. A. Krapfl. L Perez. C. Ortiz; 4tb row: C. Stokes. B. 
Arrhibold. S. Scott. E. Longoria, K. Anderson. J, Loyd, R. Taylor 5th row: Coach 
Fahy, K. Lee, A. Cedeno. J. Engelke. R. Gomez, J. Matthews. Coach Grimison 


In The 

Cheerleading is a 
SPORT! If you at- 
tended any of the 
Varsity Football 
games this year you saw 
some great cheers and terrific 
athleticism among the 4 
squads. Each team consists 
of 8 girls who must have great § 
voice projection, flexibility 3 
and an enthusiastic spirit, " 
Many squads attend cheer 
leading camps during the o 
summer to leam new cheers J 
and new stunts. BHS students, a " 
as well as students from PCC 
and CuJHS make up the Var- 
sity squads. 

Sponsor SpiritI Cheerleading 
Sponsors Tracy Ferguson and 
Kelly Kirby along with Cougar Pep 
Club Sponsor, Wanda Carde per- 
form a spirit-filled pyramid in sup- 
port of their teams. 

A slight controversy? Curundu 
Cougar and Oreen Devils cheer- 
leaders express "their side" with 
artistic banners. These banners 
were very time-consuming to 

FCC Green Devils cheerleaders: M. 
Carroll, M. Erickson, M. Hart, L. 
McQuinness, B. Marx, and P. 
Monaghan, with T. Ferguson 
(sponsor) in middle. 

Bulldog's have the shoutl Rallying 
up the crowd is a big job at the 
football Pep Rallies. Here the Bull- 
dog cheerleaders fit the bill. 


loping for victory. Joy Engelke waits in anticipation for the success of 
er team. (Photo by J. Hauser) 

mi mmtttti ""fllfl"" "' ' 

Red Machine Cheerleaders L to R: R. Gomez. K. Lee, W. Winkler, J. En- 
gelke, A. Cedeno. T. Kemp and J. Matthews. (Photo by P. Cowles) 

Bulldog Cheerleaders: L to R: M. Seppy, K. Williams, D. Sprague, K. 
Johnston, A. Urriola. B. Kemp, M. Tirado, center: K. Cisneros. (Photo by 
K. Manning) 

Cougar Cheerleaders: L to R: K. Wilder, J. Diaz, S. Livingston, M. Webb, 
D. Bilgray, C. Bottin, M. Nieves, A. Grass. (Photo by J. Hauser) 



BHS Basketball Season Slams 


Grab that ball! Red Machine and Balboa Bulldogs girls basketball play- 
ers fight for the ball during one of their suspenseful games. 

Girls Red Machine : S. Cruz, T. Acosta, J. Carr. J. Diaz, M. Dobson, D. Eastman. A. 

Gundin. k. Kemp. A. kry nick. L Rojas. E. Santa, L Taylor. V. Spratling. A. Williams. N. 

Yano. P. DeLeon, Coach Williams. 

Girls Balboa BuUdogs : S. Boykin. J. Hauser. K. Jones, K. Pollen. M Rivera. S. 

Sutherland. C. Stanford. S. Beanie. L Cooper. B. Larrabee. K. Nolte. L. Park. S. Skoog. S. 

Sears. N. Robinson, Coach Oliver. 

Green Devils: F. Broce. D. Brooks. J. Holbrook. R. George. R. Martinez. R. Min, D. 
McDade, J. Olton. S. Scott, H. Singh, C. Takacs, L Wheeler. Coach D. Moffitt 

Red Machine: O. Aujero. R. Brown. P. Dejanon, E. Garcia. S. Holmes. T. Kaighan, S. 

Latorre. B. Martens. M. Mongeon. D. Morris. R. Poggenpohl. A. Tejadad. G. Quiles. 

Managers: M. Dobson, J. Montalvo, K. Pierre. Coach: R. Chen 

1 i ft^ik^ 

Girls Curundu Cougars : J. Acker. G. West, M. Higgins, P. Kirkpatrick, S. Bibbo, J. 

Emest. K. Larrabee. M Ro)as. M. Tavares. A. Higley. S. .^tadillas. J. Posey. J. Hauser. 

V. Scon. J. Penkoske. M. Versalles. Coach Moffitt. 

Bulldogs : I. Acosta, M. Banks. J. Bibbo. J. Castano. S. Gillespie. C. Hall. J. Holzwarth. M. 

Mongeon. J. Husband. J. Ragsdale. F. Rolon. S. Sharp. K. Smith, F Walrond. 

Managers:T. Arrocho. D. Clarke. G. Velez. Coach: C. Oliver 

Girls Green Devils : K. Holmes. C. Stevenson. C. Washington. D. Camps. C. Collins, Y. 

Crichlaw. A. Ernest, A. Fry, D. Garcia. M. Hall, A. Mendez. M. Rodriguez. G. Verez. M. 

Womble, M. Renfro, Coach Shulte. 

Cougars: F. Adams. M Buchanan. W. Carr. H. Davis. V. Duncan. A. Feliu. L. Fields. E 

Gonzalez. V. Guillen. C. Lozada, S. McCauliffe. J. Merz. R. Morgan. J. Price. J. Qulnn, J. 

Skinner, J. Thompson. Coach: R. Reyes 


all photos by M- Schulz 


Red Machine: BHS students listed only: S. Beattie. M. Cantu, M. Davis. A. Ernest. J. 

Hauser. V. Herrera, K. lonnston. A. kinghom. R. Kinghom. N. Nieves. J. Pownall. 1111 

Pownall, M. Tirado. Coach M. Stump, Asst. A. Beach 

<■. 0k **>' 

"Kickin' itl" Paula Monaghan fights to the finish against Alexis Vidaurri. 
This game pitted both Cougar teams against each other. 

Devils: BHS students listed only: C. Bourdeau. R. Gorman. A. Grass. D. Grajales, A. 

Guerrero. K. Lee, L Lincoln, B. Marx, R. McArry, B. McArry. C. Rivera, k. Rizzo. L. 
Rojas, M. Steinbarger, K. Wilder, M. Womble. Coaches: R. Koechlein and A. Bemasconi 

W ' ' r-.oiO'^ «"'■! ~:nui'>' ^r ^ _0 

Cougars - Black: BHS students listed only: S. Johnson. S. Sears, S. Skoog, J. Diaz. B. 
Larrabee. P. Monaghan. A. Watanabe. A. Gundin. V. Spratling. Coach M. Robenson 


Cougars - Gold: BHS Students listed only: M. Berrios. M. Ceballos. V. Sanchez. J. 

Weedin. A. Vidaurri. \V. Winkler. T. Cordoba, k. Manning. J. Robinson. A. Spurlock. 

Coach: D. Kinghom 

Bulldogs : BHS students listed only: E. Arosemena. J.B. Balbastro, J. Berger. D. Bingham. 

T. Bingham. D. Camp. F. Carrola. A. Cedeno. K. Cowes. L. Cuthbert. C. Derry. W. 

Engelke. k. Kemp. NL Martinez. A. Marx. J. Matthews. J. McGuinness. k. Montague. J. 

Posey, J. Quinlan. D. Sprague. A. I'rriola. P. WUliford. Coach: C. Williams 



Track And Field Heats Up 

Pow! As the gunfire explodes 
into the air, you take off as 
fast as your sore feet can 
take you. You know this is 
the last game of the season, and the 
pressure is on for you to bring your 
team to number one. All you have to 
do is win. Your team members did 
their part, now it's your turn to do 
yours. As you feel the air speed past 

you, the environment around you 
feels like a vacuum. You see the fin- 
ish line approaching up ahead and 
you slightly lose speed. However, you 
force yourself to the end, with the 
others slowing behind you. You pass 
the line with one last effort and start 
to slow down with a smile as you 
catch your breath. Your destiny is 
now complete as victory is yours. 

Approaching the finish line. BMS student Gi- 
ana Daniel fights to finish the hurdle race 
against two CuJHS students. Daniel is in the 


Mope I make itl Pushing himself to the limit, 
Riuw Watanabe, slices through the air as he 
makes it up over the bar for the high jump. 

Track team members of BHS (in alphabetical order): A Abrego. A. Agront. A. Alrd. R. Anderson. J. Atherty. A. Ausdn. R. Blount. B- 
Chastaln. S. Chocohed. J. Christopherson. C Collins. C. Cook. L. Cooper, J. Corrala. S Davis. P. DeLeon, w. Delgado. J. Evans, B 
Fernandez, L. Trias. J. Oalvez, L. Gonzales. D Ooodno. J. Outlerrez. A. Mlgley. IV Husted, L. Lopez. C. MartlnelH, A. Miranda. Q. 
nevin. L. Oltvares. D. Ortiz, L. Pena. D. Pettlford, A. Renfro. T. Roach, c. Robinson. M. Rosales. D. Santiago. D. Sprague. E. Sun- 
ford. R. Sweeney. J. Trim, M. Tunon. C ward, R. watanabe. M. Yamashlui. n. Yano. 


Photo by B. Weedin 

Taking It easy during a track and field 

meet. Joe Gutierrez and company catch their 
breath before competing in another event. 

Strenuous moment. Using all his power to 
move forward. Wilfredo Delgado grasps the ba- 
ton and concentrates on the win he hopes to 
achieve for the Balboa Red Machine. 



The Boys' Battle-One On One 

SwooshI Peter Norman swings for the "invisible" ball. 

BoingI Cougar player Rajesh Nandwani uses his energy to jump up and 
hit a high ball coming his way. 

Swing that thingl With fancy body language. Waller Fernandez uses 
what's left of his daily strength to strike the ball to the opponent. 

Balboa Bulldogs: R. Mitchell, J. Castaneda, J. Ohman, J. Ely, M. Erroz, J. Green Devils: J. McNulty, J. Busquets, F. Maduro. R. McGuiness, I. Dil- 
Miller. R. Nolan, S. Golembiewski, P. Norman, J. Henriquez. Mr. Higley Ion, S. Williams, F. Geary, C. Tapanes, M. McKay, M. Watanabe, M. Robi- 
(coach). son, Mr. DeJanon (coach). 

Curudu Cougars: P. Littrell, J. Hoffman, L. Llach, G. Fernandez, R. Hand- Red Machine: R. Domenech, J. Norman, J. Pohl, A. Vioguari, B. Walker, 
wani, G. Bacot, W. Fernandez, R. Garcia, C. Hovan, R. Samson, Mr. M. Chase, E. Corsbie, D. Norman, J. Gonzalez, B. Mills, R. Rodarte, R. 
Schulte (coach). Salterio, R. Sweeney, M. Bleichwell. J. Castaneda, Mr. Holt (coach). 


Aim High. Richard Nolan prepares to serve the ball over the net with dy- 
namic power. Sometimes a serve can be the most crucial part in winning 
a tennis match. 

Congratulations! Peter Norman and Walter Fernandez receive trophies 
from Coach Higley as Coach Holt looks on. 

Get Down. Michael Chase reaches for a low ball in order to save his 
game against the opposing player. 


"Fly like an eagle-to the sea . " Pulling h 
self forward with a strong breast stroke, R; 
Sweeney swims through the water with gr 


Swim Teams Take A "Bath" In The Tropics 

Gearing upl Before plunging into the waters of 
the Balboa pool, Karen Kemp attempts to 
strap on her goggles so that she can see 
clearly while she swims. 

swim Team: front: M. Oura, T. Valdilles, R. 
Heard, K. Kemp, H. Thompson, T. Bingham, M. 
Bateman, K. Holihan. 2nd: N. Beech, L. Beech, 
S. Petersen, S. Skoog, S. Sears, M. Kelly. B. 
Hoover, 3rd: M. Henning, R. Nandwani, A. 
Boyko, F. Able, A. Page, J. Ely, B. Vanairsdale, 
I. Rodriguez, L. Ochoa, 4th: Coach Sweeney, Q. 
Higgins, J. Ortiz, R. Sweeney. R. Long, J. Wahl, 
J. Gordon. Mot in photo: D. Taylor, M. Seppy, A. 
Alvardo, M. Chapman, R. McArty 

Soaring above cool waters . . . to later dive 
swiftly in the water, J. Gordon, practices a back 
dive in hopes of creating a small splash. 


Jessica Abril Staha 

Michelle Angelique Kuo 


- • j 

S ' 

9 1 ^% 

Y— ^fc 

You've come a long way, Babies! YouVe produced a great yearbook! 
Cherish your fond memories and have a successful future. 

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. 
For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone 
when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Ecc: 4:9-10 

Love: Mom, Dad, Justin & Jared 

Love: Mom, Dad, Franz & Ian 

Elisa M. Rojas 


We are so very proud of 

all your accomplishments. 

May life bring all the 

blessings of continued 

success, good health, 

happiness, tolerance, 

patience, love and peace. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad and Melanie 




Thank you for all the 

wonderful years we've 

spent together. I've 

always looked up to you 

and I'm extremely proud 

to say you're my sister. I 

know your charming 

personality will get you 

far in life. I love you 

very much. 







The ones that cheer you up when 
you're down. The ones you have 
fun with just hangin' around. 
There's a bond between you that 
is very tight. There's a bond 
between you that can't be broken 
cause of a stupid fight. The bond 
will stay tight from the good 
times you've had, because the 
bond is special. You've endured 
the rough times and the bad, after 
graduation you'll go your separate 
ways. Because of the bond, your 
friendship will stay tight through 
the days. You'll meet once again 
on some other special day, and 
the friendship will still be there. 
Cause the bond will not change. 

Much Love and God Bless. 
Lisa, Anyse, 8i Nayda 

Thanks to our family and friends 
for all your love and support. 

Congratulations Anabelin 

D) ^ g d r g 



We're best of friends who trust each 

other so much, We're happiest 

within the range of each other's 

touch, The good times we've had 

together outweigh the bad, The 

feelings for each other are unlike 

feelings we've ever had, When things 

go wrong, our love will pull us 

through, To make things go right, 

we'll do whatever we have to do, We 

care about each other so much, which 

we should never forget, Because the 

feelings we have for each other some 

people never get. 

• ••Ci 

Thanks to our family and 
friends for all of your love and 

support through our High 
School years. Take care and God 
Bless. Much love, Anyse & Peter 


Congratulations Christine! 

We're so proud of you and are 

with you always! 
May your future be filled with 

love and happiness. 
To our Dearest Daughter and 
Sister with Much Love From: 

Moma, Dad, Michael John, 

Danny & Jonathan 

Prov. 3:5-6 

Audra Anyse 

The rainbow is made of six colors. 

The colors are purple, red, orange, 

yellow, green, and blue. 

Purple denotes royalty and 

queenliness. Red is power and 


Orange is firey and unusual. 

Yellow is brilliant and radiant. 

Green is lush and can be expensive. 

Blue denotes softness and 

tranquility. Like the rainbow, Anyse 

has brought into our lives a beauty 

that is all encompassing. Among 

other things, she has brought joy, 

challenge, radiance, and happiness 

into our family for the past 1 7 

years. God gave the world the 

rainbow as a promise of a bright 

future. Anyse symbolizes a rainbow 

in our family. Here is to our 

rainbow, may our Lord Jesus shower 

her with much joy, happiness, and 

many wonderful challenges. 

May our Lord Jesus continue to 

shower you with His many blessings. 

Dios te bendiga! Love you mucho! 

Mom, Dad, Tammie, Alan, and your 

Grandparents. John 1 5: 1-17 

Philippians 4: 6-7 



You have given me great happiness 
you are such a delight in my life. 
I wish you the best, 

Love, Mom 

Jesse and Bryan 

Jesse, Lisa, Nicole 

John E. Thompson Jr. 

May you always 

ride the crest on 

the wave of life 






We are so proud of you. 
All our love. Dad, Mom, Kim & Shotzie 

Num. 6:23 


H.B. and CHRIS 

Congratulations to our "All Isthmian" RED MACHINE 
mini-duo who always displayed tenacious fight 

and maxi heart! 

Vou both haue always been and will continue to always 

be "Rll-Rmericans" in our hearts and souls! 

So, GO RLL THE WRY, you guys, 



Mom, Dad & Kara Mom, Dad & Colleen 

The Rest of Your Entire Family 

r M 



AND THE CLASS of 1994 

Roberto Abrego (34) 

Arthur Kraphl 63) 

Chris Corrigan (15) 

Jaime Evans (31) 

Joe Olivares (32) 

Shawn Scott (73) 


1 , 


Teralee Kemp 

Kim Lee 

Roberto Georqe (55) 

HBTwohy (30) 

Not Pictured 

Riew Wantanabe (17) 

Joe Gutierrez (26) 

Tony Usera (53) 

Efrain Sanchez (62) 


Andrea Denise Brandenburg 

You've always been special to us. 

We're proud of you and 

We Love You! 
Mom, Dad, Kevin and Cristina 

Ronald Joseph Qarrido 



^^m^^k Jj- 

1 1 




This is only the beginning. Good luck in whatever you 

decide to do and may you always be happy. 

God Bless You. Love, Dad, Mom, and Lydia Denise 

Rebecca Lea Heard 

Jtf ** — ^ 

■ ■ i 

Congratulations and much love 
from your family. 

The father of the righteous shall 
greatly rejoice: and he that be- 
getteth a wise child shall have joy 
of him. Thy father and thy mother 
shall be glad, and she that bare 

thee Shall rejoice. Proverbs 23:24-25 

Congratulations Drake 
Were so proud of you! 

Love you, Mom, Dad, and Devon 


Joey Lopez 

Eddie Stanford 




Go the distance. For the Lord shall be thy confidence. 

Proverbs 3:26 

Love Always, Your Families 


April Goodno 

Tum around and you're tiny 

Turn around and you're grown 

Congratulations, Qrads. 

Mom & Dad 

David Goodno 

I always knew I'd look 

Back on my tears with 


But I never thought 

I'd look back on my 

Laughter with tears. 




r M 

Charlotte Souffrant 

Congra tula tions! 

We're so proud of you and we love you. 

Mom, Dad, Jean-Paul & Marie 


Take delight in the Lord and 
may He guide you 
towards a bright future. 
Congratulations to our 
daughter and sister. 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Camille, and Ralph 


r ' 

— - -v 

J J 

p/ HI 


For all that you were, are, and will become ... We will always be proud of you. 
Reach for the Stars! Love, Mami, Daddy, & Fluff 


Vanessa Emir Hernandez Hill 

Mom, Dad, Ata, Dave, Mayra 

You watched me metamorphose right before your eyes, You heard me sing my 
praises to our Lord up in the skies. You saw me contemplating the rainforest 
in the breeze, you heard my laughter echo down the halls and 'round the trees. 
You listened to my worries, my concerns, my needs, my fears, you were there 
to hold me close and wipe away my painful tears. You smiled and acted 
proudly all the times I did succeed; and when I tried, but missed the mark, 
you understood indeed. You saw the beauty in me even though the world was 
blind, you looked beyond the obvious what mattered was my mind. Tiny drops 
from each of you have made me who I am, I thank the Lord above for you and 
all His love, Amen. 






Tyler Qo&s Quinn 

Travelling the curious and intriguing roads through life with you, Oh, 

what a journey it indeed has been. Soon you must leave and journey 

forth, miss you we dearly will. But the pride and happiness in our 

hearts to have journeyed through life with you, and to watch you 

travel on. Tremendous is the love for you within our hearts! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and of course, Pook 



Congratulations Lance!!! 

«Pi * 

In what seems a very short 
period of time you have 
grown from a robust little 
boy full of energy to a 
vibrant young man with the 
heart of a lion. As you seek 
additional challenges and 
set new goals for your 
future, remember to main- 
tain your priorities- God, 
family, country. 

Love Always, 
Mom, Dad & Renee 



*£ Wi 


We are proud of the person you have grown up to be 

You were brought into this world a beautiful little boy born to love who would one day 
grow up to be a confidant young man full of love. We tried to teach you important 
values and morals. We tried to show you how to be strong, honest and gentle. We tried 
to explain to you why you need to set and achieve your own goals. We tried to show you 
the importance of being independent and confident. We tried to express the need to 
reach out to people. We tried to demonstrate the extreme importance of family and we 
tried everyday to set an example that you could look up to, though we are sure that we 
failed to do this at times. But one thing that we have always done and will continue to 
do forever is to be very proud of you and to appreciate, support, and love you and to be 
there for you whenever you need us, our #1 son. 
With love, Dad, Mom, Sunshine and Tek, Chico, Lucy, Olo and the turtles. 













Your Parents, 





^ J ■ 



you always find 

wonder and beauty 

in life 

and bring joy to others 


Mom and Bad 

my baby 

Congratulations Nayda 

my queen 

«fr J Ji\fr J * 

Nayda, my daughter, my friend; my confidant. 

The most beautiful present God has given me to brighten my life. 

We Love You. Mom, Dad, Robert, and Bart. 


Kimberly Yvonne Lee 

Migdalia Lineth Castro 

Christine Emily Lively 

Cherish the memories of all the times we've shared 

Good luck Class of 1994! 



From the first grade 

in Germany, to the 

last grade in Panama 

and many other 

places in between, You 

have always been a 

Super Son. 

I'm proud of you. 


P 4 ^ 






Congratulations Graduate! 
Dad, Maribel, Ivan & Kim 





This is dedicated to 
the one I love.'' 




You have made a 

family tradition at 

Balboa High School 

Always remember... 

Education and 

Families are 


Mom & Dad 




In Loving 

Memory Of 


Veronica Salazar 

March 29, 1977- 

October 16, 

You will always be loved. Holly-n-Ronnie=Friends Forever. 





POST #3822 




"There are those who pass like ships in the night, "who 
meet for a moment, then sail out of sight with never a 
backwards glance of regret, folks we know briefly then 
quickly forget. Then there are friends who sail together 
through quiet waters and stormy weather helping each 
other through joy and through strife. And they are the 
kind who give meaning to life " 


5 X' ' 


Tatiana Llach 

Dinorath P. Grajales 


Jessica A. Staha 

Maria E. Aleman 




Brian Swenty 

Joey Lopez 

Gabe Bacot 






Walter Fernandez 

J V 


K«ri Syrdahl 


Lisa Rojas 

H.B. Twohy 


Able, Floyd A. II 80, 


Abrego, Roberto A. 

34, 134, 151 

Acevedo, Juan P. 


Acosta, Ivan G.60, 


Acosta, Richard G. 


Acosta, Steven A. 


Acosta, Tanya Y. 


Adams, Frederik A. 

60, 125. 129 

Agront, Abraham III 

80, 151 

Aird, Anthony L.34, 

134, 151 

Aird, Nadia A. 60 

Aleman, Maria E.G. 

6, 34, 126 

Allen, Leah34, 128, 


Alvarado, Andrea E. 

13,34, 127, 128, 

135, 154 

Anderson, Enjoli T. 
78,80,124, 129, 

Anderson, Kenia G. 

80, 151 

Anderson, Sara B. 


Antadillas, Solimar 

T 60, 134 

Antonis, Tina 80 

Aramayo, Marielle C. 


Arana, Juan C.80 

Archer, Walford L. Ill 


Arias, Donovan J. 


Arnold, Edna P.74 

Arnold, Karl S.34 

Arnold, Liza E.80 

Arocho, Tanya34 

Arosemena, E.J. 

60, 125, 126, 127 

Atherley, Janelle M. 

80, 151 

Aujero, Oscar R. 


Austin, Avery122, 


Ave-Lallemant, C.I. 



Bacot, Gabriel J. 


Bacot, Tanya M. 

60, 128 

Balbastro, Jeeathbell 

60, 125, 127 

Banda, Cesar A. 

60, 134, 135 

Banks, Michael T. 


Banks, Natasha N. 


Barnett, Andrea N. 

80, 134 

Barrett, Brandon M. 

60, 125 

Barton, Jason P. 


Bateman, Mylissa L. 

60, 154 

Bates, Johnny E. 


Batista, Damaris J. 

34, 125, 134 

Baumgardner, J.L 

34, 125, 127, 137 

Baumgardner, J.M. 


Beach, Adam P. 

34,84, 128, 129, 


Beattie, Sarah E. 

8, 58, 60, 76, 77, 

124, 127 

Beck, Anthony81 

Beitia, Daniel 34 

Bennett, Toybe I. 

34, 134 
Benson, Cameron 

G 60 

Berger, Jessie R. 
6, 60, 125 
Berrios, Michelle 
81, 128 

Berrios, Noelia81 , 

Bianchini, Gian 

Carlo 35 

Bibbo, Joseph P. 


Bilgray, Dawn E. 

35, 147 

Bingham, Tannis 

Blades, Noel P.61 , 

134, 135 

Blades, Samaris K. 


Blanchette, Jan M. 

6,61, 134 

Blenman, Ricardo M. 


Blount, R. 134, 151 

Bonilla, Myriam E. 


Bonnick, Anasha K. 

81, 129 

Boozer, Stacey35, 

123, 127, 128 

Boozer, Tara A. 81 

Bottin, Rachel8, 9, 


Bottin, Walter A. 


Bottin, Walter C. 


Bourbeau, Carole M. 
35, 128 

Boyd, Joaquin A. 
61, 117, 124 
Boyko, Adam R. 
61, 115, 127, 130, 
131, 154 
Boyle, Michael E. 

Brandenburg, An- 
drea D. . 35, 166 
Brayton, Ross E. 

Briceland, Thomas 
P. .61, 129, 134 
Britton, Bethany R. 
81, 123 

Broce, Fermin 1. 35 
Brooks, Deron D. 

Brown, Denise81 
Brown, Robert L. 
61, 129 

Brown, Victor E. Jr. 

Brunner, Holly K. 
61, 124 
Buchanan, Michael 

A 61 

Burger, David A. Jr. 

81 ' 

Burress, Stacy V. 


Bustamante, C.E. 



M 35 

Butler, Damien G. 

Caballero, Thamara 


Cajar-Brutsch, Juan 

M 81 

Camacho, Nilda 

Ivette 35 


Ricardo A 61 

Campbell, Randy G. 


Camps, Dymarie 


Cantu, Magdaline C. 


Carbonell, Monique 

A.22, 35, 114, 127, 


Carde, Edwin Jr. 


Carlson, Elliot61 , 

126, 127 

Carpenter, Benjamin 

S. ...81,87, 126 

Carr, Jennifer81 

Carr, Walter S.62 

Carrau, Rafael H. Jr. 


Carrola, Felicia62, 


Carrola, Jason R. 

62, 151 

Carroll, Meghan A. 

81,88, 146 

Castaneda, Marjorie 

M 81 

Castillo, Carlo M. 


Castillo, Lenin62, 


Castrellon, Maria 


Castro, Michael R. 


Castro, Migdalia L. 

18,35, 124, 179 

Ceballos, Marjorie A. 


Cedeno, Andrea L 

81, 147 

Cercenia, Lisa81 

Chang, Itzel N.36 

Chang, Raul62, 134, 


Chapman, Melissa 

L 81, 154 

Charleville, N.D. Ill 

36, 130, 134 

Chase, Michael J. 

62, 127, 129 

Chastain, Bruce A. 

29,36, 124, 142, 


Chastain, Hunter G. 

81, 122 

Choi, David Tae- 

Sung36, 114, 127 

Choocherd, Sudah 

81, 134, 151 

Christopherson, J.S. 

58,62, 122, 151 

Church, David M. 

62, 127 

Church, Marc L.81 

Ciceraro, Joshua J. 


Clark, Martha O. 


Clarke, Dounia P. 


Cleveland, H.E. Jr. 


Clinton, Stacy J. 


Clouston, Margaret 

M 62 

Coffey, Chelsea M. 
36,49, 123, 127, 
136, 178 

Collins, Choi E.36, 
123, 126, 136, 151 
Collins, Michelle L 
5, 62, 127, 139 
Colon, Guarionex R. 
Conguergood, Kelly 

J 82, 123 

Constante, Lourdes 

M 36, 126 

Cook, C. 145, 151 

Cooksey, Anthony V. 

19,36 ' 

Cooper, Alexander 

J. ..62, 134, 135 

Cooper, Glenda A. 


Cooper, Heather 


Cooper, La'Keisha 

N 82 

Cooper, Lesley D. 

62, 128, 151 

Cooper, Melanie E. 

62, 116, 128 

Corbett, Virginia E. 

62, 123 

Cordoba, Tarina B. 


Corona, Carrie A. 

36, 112 

Coronado, Julio C. 

62, 129 

Corrigan, C. D.36, 

127, 130, 164 

Corsbie, Ethan R. 

82, 92, 134 

Cover, Monique E. 


Cowes, Karla82 

Cowger, Matthew J. 


Cowling, Lola L.82, 


Cowling, Samantha 

E 36 

Crespo, James D. 



Y 63 

Crocker, Brackett S. 


Crouch, Chad A. 


Crouch, Olin J. 63 

Crowder, Javelle N. 


Cruz, Alvaro R.37 
Cruz, Angel82, 135 
Cuthbert, Laura J. 
37, 127 

Daily, Stephen J. 

48 ' 

Daniel, Giana M. 

63, 134, 146, 150 

Darnell, S. 128, 129 

Davis, Henry B.63 

Davis, Melissa A. 

27,63, 135 

Davis, Sarah E.63 

Davis, Susanna P. 

82,92, 151 

De Janon, Paul63 

De La Guardia, F.A. 


De La Guardia, Ivan 

J 74 

Decerega, Horacio 

A. .37, 130, 140 

Del Cid, D. Jr.82, 


Del Hoyo, Cristina 

M.37, 124, 130, 134, 


Del Real, Carlos A. 


Deleon, Carlos E. 

37, 135 

Deleon, Patricia82, 

134, 151 

Delgado, Wi If redo 

37, 128, 151 

Dhaliwal, N.S.63 

Diaz, Daphne63 

Diaz, Joanna D.63, 

127, 131, 147 

Dillon, Ian H. 63 

Dobson, Michele A. 

82, 129 

Domenech, Jason L. 


Doughty, Susan M. 


Drennan, Lawrence 

M 30 

Duncan, V. ...82 


Edwards, Laura A. 

82, 129 

Edwards, Paul F. 
63, 126, 129, 134 
Ellingsen, Jerry L 
63, 128 

Ellingsen, Raylene J. 

Elliot, Mark R.82 
Ely, Jason P.83, 95, 
134, 154 

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issa R. 88,122 
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Jacques 42 

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127, 134, 154 

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129, 156, 157 

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Rolon, Fidel 6, 44, 


Romagnoli, Ingrid L 



Concepcion, J. 71 

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P.T 93 

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Cigarruista, Sonia 


Corbett, Sydney 


Cotton, David 101 

Cowles, Patty 101 

Cuevas, Luis 101 

Dee, Geri 101 

Fabrega, Paula 101 

Fendrick, Gene 101 

Fisher, Amy 102 

Forrester, John 1 02 

Gardill, Julianne 



Cecilia A. 102,108 

Gettys, Jo Ann 102 

Gibson, Camille 

102, 106 

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Halvorsen, Penny 
102, 105 

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Higley, James 103 

Koechlein, Richard 


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Manchester, Nancy 

M. 103, 109 

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Nordell, Susan 103 

O'Brien, Vicki 104 

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Tyner, W. Edward 



Baptiste, Sylivia 


Booth, Ricardo 106 

McClaren, Rosanna 


Oakley, Nadine 106 

Staha, Mariette 106 

Webly, Sonia 106 


Anderson, Kenneth 


Holland, Ernest 107 

Hunt, Doris 107, 



Vol. 85 of the ZONIAN was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing Division 
at their Visalia, California plant. The Jostens Representatives were Rueben 
Cruz and Floyd Moore. The plant Consultant was Gil Quesada. The trim size of 
the book is 8.5 x 11. The book contains 200 pages, which are Smythe Sewn. The 
stock is 80# 191 gloss paper, printed in black ink. The primary typeface used 
throughout the book is Benguiat Book. The cover is an original design by 
Michelle Kuo. It is custom screened. The book is white with applied colors of 
magenta, teal, and yellow. The endsheets are printed with original artwork in 
black ink. Portrait work was provided by New Age Photography. The tuxes 
were provided by the Pacific Theatre Arts Centre. The candid shots were taken 
by student and faculty photographers, most of which were developed and 
printed in the BHS darkroom. The 1994 ZONIAN had a run of 400 copies. These 
copies sold for an advance price of $40.00. A current events tip-in from Jostens 
was also included. The book cost approximately $23,000. This figure includes 
photographic expenditures. The yearbook staff consisted of 9 people; 5 
students who drew and designed the layouts, 3 photographers, and one adult 

Special Thanks 

Mrs. Bales 
Mrs. White 
Ms. Cowles 
Mr. Weedin 
Mr. Holland 
David Goodno 
Shawn Patty 
Pacific Theatre 
Arts Centre 

Ms. Dee 
Mrs. Severson 
Mr. Anderson 
Renee Stewart 
1994 Seniors 
Mr. Bales 
Caleb Bales 
Joshua Bales 

Mr. Young 
Mr. Twohy 
Mrs. Sponberg 
Mrs. Hunt 
Cathy Rigby 
All Advertisers 
Parents of Zonian 




The year is practically 
over. Teachers are 
jotting down our 

final grades, janitors 

sweep the halls, and we, the 
student body are ready to 
bust out of the school's 
doors with new energy as 
the summer commences. 

For most of the 
students, high school isn't 
over yet. These 

underclassmen must come 
back to survive yet another 
one or two years. However 
for the rest of the clan, the 
seniors, their days in the 
sun are done, and awaiting 
them is a future unlike any 
other. Like senior class 

president Ivan Rodriguez 
has been famous for saying, 
it is "about that time 

This time is a time to say 
goodbye. However don't 

forget that it is also a time 
to welcome new 

experiences. These are the 
days to rememer and the 
memories are countless for 
many BHS students. 

O.K.. .okay. It's time to 
drop the sentimental stuff 
and focus on what's ahead. 
VACATION-H awaii? 
Bahamas? No, maybe even a 
trip to Europe and a new 
love! But whatever the 

summer may bring, the 
memories gained will 
forever remain. ..and 

enough reminding you 
about the days you'll miss. 
It's summer time-I'm off to 
Jamaica - So See Ya! 

Over At Lastl Senior Tatiana Llach basks in the 
sun and looks ahead to the future. Most se- 
niors share Tatiana's sentiment in having com- 
pleted High School. 

Deep thought Anabel Gundin gives a know- 
ing look that school is soon to be over, and 
high school days gone forever. (Photo by D. 

The BHS ghost-can you see it? Although this 
"myth" has yet to be proven, the story was 
enough to keep yearbook staff members on 
their toes each night before leaving the build- 

Are you fooling me? Deron Brooks looks as- 
tounded with Shawn Scott peering over his 
shoulder as someone states that there are 55 
school days left. 

Senior Daze. Reflecting upon the calm atmo- 
sphere. Seniors enjoy the outdoors during the 
CTBS week. While the underclassmen were tak- 
ing tests. Seniors were picnicking at the Ama- 
dor causeway. 



^ % 

So this is it. The last day, and our tedious task is finally over. It was rough and de- 
manding; even more so as the days went by and the deadlines piled up on us. 
Though it wasn't an easy job, we finally accomplished it through the grace of Qod 
and the guidance of Mrs. Bales. Every school year is a year to remember. This year how- 
ever, is special to us because it is our last together. We want the memories to last, so we 
hope this book captured the year as you lived it. Thanks for sharing these four years with 
us. People come and go and places change, but we'll always remember our Tropical Med- 
ley. May it bring you as many tears of happiness as it has brought us now that it's over. 
And to the Class of '94, may all your goals be reached and may the sun always shine on 

-Nonian '94 Editors, M.K. and J.S. 


(Hi ecu 

Somali forces release 
wounded American 
helicopter pilot Michael 
Durantin October after a 
disastrous U.N. raid 
results in the deaths of 18 

American soldiers. 
President Bill Clinton 
promises to withdraw 
almost all U.S. forces by 
March 1994. 

Charles Caratini. Sygma 

Investor confidence receives a big psychological boosl on 
December 15, when 117 countries agree to expand the General 
Agreement on Tariffs and 
Trade (GATD, a 46-year-old 
treaty that sets rules for world 
trade. Economists estimate GATT 
could add S274 billion to the 
world's economy by 2002. 

Nelson Mandela, 
president of the African 
National Congress, and 
South African President 
Frederik Willem de Klerk 
share the 1993 Nobel 
Peace Prize for their 
efforts to dismantle 
South Africa's system of 
rigid racial segregation. 

AP/Wide World 


Prime Minister Yitzhak 
Rabin of Israel and Yasir 
Arafat, chairman of the 
Palestine Liberation 
Organization, shake 
hands after signing a 
peace agreement on 
September 13. 

AP/Wide World 



A devastating earthquake 
wipes out entire villages 
and kills almost 10,000 
people southeast of 
Bombay, India, on 
September 30. 

Sipa Press 

Fori activity in Haiti 
slows after a United 
Nations oil and arms 
embargo against Hie 
country is reinstated 
in October. The military 
government's refusal 
lo relinquish power 
prompted the D.N. action. 

The world 

nervously watches 

as the party of 



labeled a racist 

and fascist, makes 

significant gains in 

Russian President Boris 


Yeltsin casts his vote on 


December 12 for a new 

elections. "Vlad 

Constitution, which will 

the Bad" favors 

give him sweeping 

restoring the 

powers, and for 

Russian empire 

representatives to a new 

and wants Alaska 

Russian parliament. 

returned to Russia. 

Epix Itom Sygma 


"It may be Christmas, but 
no one is giving Alaska as 
a present to Russia. 

-Alaska Senator Frank Murkowski 



In December. Damian 
Williams receives 10 
years in prison for 
attacking Reginald Denny 
and others during the Los 
Angeles riots of 1992, 

which were sparked by 
the acquittal of four white 
police officers in the 
beating of Rodney King. 


The sordid tale of 
teenager Amy Fisher hogs 
national attention, 
spawning two books, 
three television movies, 
and a year's worth of late- 

night talk show jokes. 
Fisher shot and wounded 
the wife of her lover, Joey 


James S. Brady gives 
thumbs-up as the Brady 
Bill becomes law. The 
signing ends a political 
fight that began after 
Brady was shot along with 
President Reagan in 
1981. The bill imposes a 
five-day waiting period for 
handgun purchases. 

Brad Markel Gamma/Liaison 

Billionaire presidential 
aspirant Ross Perot goes 
on the road to oppose the 
North American Free 
Trade Agreement (NAFTA) 
in autumn. Congress 
approves NAFTA in 
November as Perot's 
popularity declines. 

President Clinton and Vice President Gore unveil plans lo 
"reinvent governmenl" on September 7. le plan lo save 
S108 billion by the year 2000 eliminates mountains of 
i egulalions and reflects a prevailing mood among Americans 
lo change government. »© 

Retired pathologist Jack 
Kevorkian, front, who 
helped his 20th patient 
end his life, is charged in 
September with violating 
a Michigan law that bans 
suicide, a law Kevorkian 
vows to ignore. 

AP/Wide World 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a 
federal appeals court 
judge, is confirmed in 
August as the 107th 
justice and second 
woman to serve on the 
Supreme Court of the 
United States. 

AP/Wide World 

A major earthquake 
measuring 6.6 on the 
Richter scale strikes the 
Los Angeles area on 
January 17, 1994. The 
death toll rises over 50 
and more than 20.000 are 
left homeless. 

AP Photo/Michael Tweed 

In November, fire storms hit LA. --^- 
Cotinty. burning 152,000 acres and hundreds 
of homes, causing 5500 million in damage. 

"There's nothing thai can describe the way I 
feel when I see my parents crying. I just wish 

I could do something to help. 

Tennille Borzani. age 16. 

St Louis, Missouri 


A farm family in Illinois 
flees with some of their 
belongings after flood- 
waters from the 
Mississippi River spill 
over their land in the 
worst flooding on record 
in the midwestern United 
States. On July 10, 
President Bill Clinton 
issues disaster 
declarations for the states 
of Illinois, Iowa, and 
Missouri and in August, 
Congress appropriates $6 
billion for flood relief. 

Firsl lady Hillary Rodham 
Clinton leads the Task Force o 

National Health Care Reform 

Brad Markel, Gamma/Liaison 

MTV/Shooling S 

I/ The computer-passionate (/ 

h^il nirltiol raolitii o ^^^ 

The computer-passionate 
hail virtual reality, a 
technology where the 
user puts on 3-D glasses 
with two small video 
screens and earphones, 
hooks up to a sensor that 
tracks eye and body 

movement, and then 
plays a "reality" cassette, 
giving the illusion of 
interacting with a 
computer-generated world 

Peter Menze! 

Prospective college students panic at the introduction o( a new 
1994 SAT and PSAT test Changes include: a new math section 
which allows calculators, no section on antonyms, and longer 
reading passages. SAT now stands for Scholastic Assessment 
Test, changed from Scholastic Aptitude Test to eliminate the 
idea that it's an intelligence test. 

The "Cretaceous weevil," 
a contemporary of the 
dinosaurs, is discovered. 
The weevil was trapped in 
tree resin some 120 to 
135 million years ago. 
The resin hardened into 
amber preserving the 
insect much like the 
fictional storyline of 
Michael Crichton's book, 
Jurassic Park. 

George Poinar 

Construction halts in 
October on the 
Superconducting Super 
Collider in Texas, after 
Congress votes against 
further funding for what 
would have been the 
world's largest particle 

SSC Laboratory 

"The best way to produce smarter kids will be to educate them. 

Reports ol advances id 
embryology are mis 
interpreted as human 

cloning.' creating a brief sensation in November. Although 
Human Genome Project scientists are optimistic about 
learning to treat single-gene diseases, like cystic fibrosis and 
sickle cell anemia, science does not have the ability to design 
superior beings or perfect children, as people feared. 


Mathematician Andrew 
Wiles at Princeton 
University reports in June 
that he has found a proof 
of Fermat's last theorem, 
a problem whose solution 
had eluded scholars 
since 1637. 

Denise Applewhite. Sygma 

Astronaut Jeffrey A. 
Hoffman adjusts a camera 
installed in December to 
correct an optical defect 
in the orbiting Hubble 
Space Telescope. 


Ground contact with the 
Mars Observer is lost in 
August, shortly before the 
spacecraft reaches Mars. 
Though suspicion falls on 
faulty controls in the 
spacecraft's computer, 
scientists aren't certain 
what caused it to fail. 


The point-and-shoot 
camcorder arrives with 
Sony's new Viewcam, in 
Hi-8 format with stereo 
sound, 4-inch color LCD 
screen, image 
stabilization, still and 
strobe effects. Viewcam 
and the even smaller 
Handycam allow you to 
film without lifting the 
camera to the eye. 

Sharp Electronics Co 

Eight scientists who spent 
two years in a sealed, 
self-contained environ- 
ment called Biosphere 2 
emerge from isolation in 

I M E./Sipa Press 

Apple Computer, Inc 

Whirlpool builds an environmentally 
friendly fridge that doesn't use polluting (hlorofluorocarbons 
(CFCs). It uses up to 50% less energy and saves up to S600 over 
a typical 20 year life. Models will sell in 1994 for about $1,400. 

Although media gossip 
says otherwise, the 
Whitney Houston and 
Bobby Brown show- 
business marriage stays 
strong. Houston, one of 
Hollywood's hottest stars 
since her film debut in 

The Bodyguard, wins 
eight 1994 American \J 
Music Awards, including 
best single for "I Will 
Always Love You" and 
best album for The 
Bodyguard soundtrack. 

Richard Corkery. LGI 

The marital break-up of 
Burt Reynolds and Loni 
Anderson, seen here in 
happier days, dominates 
the tabloids. 

Kip Rano, Gamma/Liaison 

movie actor River 
Phoenix dies outside a 
Hollywood nightclub of a 
drug overdose on 
October 31. 

J Huba Sygma 

The tatty grunge look gives way lo the 70s /f| 
look. Love beads, peace signs, platforra 

shoes, and belolloms make an 
appearance on fashion runways. 

Charlotte Lopez is 
crowned Miss Teen USA. 
Raised in foster homes, 
Lopez captures America's 
hearts with her 
Cinderella story. 

" " Charles Bush. Shooting Star 

Model Kate Moss 
popularizes the waif look 
but draws criticism as an 
unhealthy thinness 
becomes the goal of many 
teenage girls. 

Terry O'Neill, Sygma 

Testing their courage, 
many Americans seek 
such outdoor thrills as 
rock climbing and white 
water ratting. 

Focus on Spoils 

"I did not throw temper tantrums! 

Working adults slay in coni<n ' 

with their children by putting 

them on beepers, an electronic paging system that can 

tell the kids to phone home and goes great with this year's 

heel-lighted sneakers and liny portable telephones. 

Shannen Doherty, the bad 
girl of the popular 
television program 
"Beverly Hills 90210," 
makes tabloid headlines 
lor her volatile behavior 
and guick marriage to 
Ashley Hamilton. 

Charles Bush, Shooting Star 

I went days and days and days 
without having a fit! Weeks! 

-Shannen Doherty 


Opinionated radio and 

television personality Rush 
< Limbaugh vents his views in 

The Way Things Ought To 
Be, which appears on the 
best-seller lists throughout 

i ot the year. 

EOdie ArJams Sygma 


Car enthusiasts gel a treat on 
TV's "Viper, "where the star 
of the show is a cnmefighting 

sporlscar with car chases and 
macho heroics galore. 

Country singer Lyle Lovett 
and Hollywood beauty 
Julia Roberts surprise 
fans by tying the knot on 
June 27. 

Ron Davis Shooting Star 

CBS's "David Letterman 
Show" comes up a 
winner in late-night talk 
show wars. The fall 
lineup pitted Letterman, 
shown here with guest 
Vice President Gore, 
against Paramount's 

syndicated "The Arsenio 
Hall Show," NBC's "The 
Tonight Show," starring 
Jay Leno, and Fox 
network's short-lived 
"The Chevy Chase Show.' 

Alan Singer, CBS 

Robin Williams plays a 
middle-aged nanny in 
Mrs. Doubtfire, a comic 
film about a divorced man 
who goes to extreme 
lengths to be with his 



The cast of the hit 
television program 
"Seinfeld" appears 
jubilant after winning an 
Emmy Award for 
outstanding comedy 
series in September. 

Teenage heartthrob Joey 
Lawrence from the 
television program 
"Blossom" launches a 
singing career. 

Linda Vanoff. LGI 

Will Smith, popular star 
of television's "The Fresh 
Prince of Bel Air," moves 
to the big screen in the 
film Six Degrees ol 
_Sepa ration. 

Maurice Mcinnis, LGI 

The biggest IllOVie in history with the largest cast Steven Spielberg s Jurassic 

Pari is the top grossing film of all time with $860 million in box office receipts. Colossal state- 
of-the-art animation and special effects make viewers jump out of their seats. 

©Universal City Studios. Inc Courtesy ot MCA Publishing Rights, a Division ot MCA, Inc 

IIS. Holocaust Memorial Museum opens in April in Washington Dl to 
sellout crowds. The museum replicates ghettos and death camps to tell 
the story ol the Nazi murder of 11 million people. The most moving exhibit 
features a heap ol real shoes once worn by some of those who were killed. 

Schindler's List, a film 
about a German 
businessman who saves 
Jews from Nazi death 
camps, becomes a box- 
office hit and enhances 
the reputation of director 
Steven Spielberg. 


"It may not bring anybody 
back alive, but it could remind 
people that another Holocaust 
is a sad possibility. 

—Steven Spielberg 

Author of Jazz and 
Beloved, novelist Toni 
Morrison in October 
becomes the first African 
American to win the 
Nobel Prize for Literature. 

Micheline Pellelief, Sygma 

Tim Burton's stop-motion 
feature. The Nightmare 
Before Christmas, opens 
to rave reviews in 
autumn, assuring its 
place as a perennial 
holiday classic. 

Touchstone Pictures/Shooting Star 

Harrison Ford plays the 
elusive Dr. Richard 
Kimble, pursued by 
Tommy Lee Jones' 
relentless U.S. Marshall, 
in the summer chase- 
movie blockbuster The 


The National Cable TV Association 
and the four broadcast networks 
draft plans to regulate 
violent programs and 
institute a rating system to 
help parents decide what 
their children should watch 

/ u welt \a\a hack! 

Zooming to popularity 
Lenny Kravitz tours with 
his psychedelic-sou 
reggae sound after his 
third album. Are You 
Gonna Go My Way, 
goes gold. 

Maiy Powell LGI 

Country dreamboat Billy 
Ray Cyrus releases his 
second album, It Won't 
Be the Last, which climbs 
into the top 10 along with 
hit song "Somebody 

Newlywed Mariah Carey 
releases Music Box as 
cuts "Dreamlover" and 
"Hero" top the charts. 
Carey tours the country 
and stars in a TV special 
in the fall of 1994. 

Spike Nannarello, Shooting Star 

Controversy dogs Michael 
Jackson, who gave his 
first interview in years to 
Oprah Winfrey in early 
1993. Jackson later 
becomes tabloid fodder 
when a 13-year-old 
accuses him of sexual 
abuse. Jackson cancels 
the remainder of his 
Dangerous world tour due 
to health problems. 

After achieving gdrganluan 
siardom. Nirvana returns lo the 
studio after a two year hiatus to 
record chart topping In Utero . 

Nirvana headlines this summer's 
1994 Lotlapalooza tour, with 

Smashing Pumpkins and the Beastie Boys 

Singer Janet Jackson 
makes her motion picture 
debut as a teenage 
hairdresser who writes 
poetry in the film Poetic 
Justice. Her album janet. 
tops the charts. 


Bluegrass singer Vince 

Gill, who came to fame 

with "When I Call Your 

Name," earns 8 Country 

Music Award nominations 

in August. 

Tim Mosenlelder. LGI 

Top pop artist 

Michael Bolton defies 
the critics and attracts 

rabid female tans with his sensitive crooning. Bolton's 
12.000 member (an club is 98% female and most will travel 
far to hear him sing "Thai's What Love Is All About" 

Prince changes his name to a male/female symbol and 
releases a greatest hits album. The Hits: Volume 1& 11 . The 
purple one sells out Radio City Music Hall and opens the 
New Power Generation boutique in Uptown Minneapolis 
selling CDs. posters, and jewelry. 

Pearl Jam with 
charismatic lead singer 
Eddie Vedder releases 
their second album Vs. to 
great acclaim. Pearl Jam 
takes tour awards at the 
MTV Video Music Awards 
in September, topping 
charts with "Daughter" 
and "Jeremy." 

Rap godfathers Run-DMC 
embrace Christianity and 
release Down With the 
King, to the roaring 
accolades of young hip 

Gregory Jackson LGI 

Stone Temple Pilots play 
in heavy MTV rotation, 
while Core goes triple 
platinum, with hits like 
"Wicked Garden." 

Tibor Bozi LG! 

Longplayers Aerosmith, 
with Steven Tyler, cross 
the country with their Get 

A Grip tour and hit "Eat 
the Rich." 

Paul Lyden, LGI 

Blind Melon's self-titled 
debut album features the 
hit "No Rain;" they make 
the cover of Rolling Stone. 

Lynn Goldsmith, LGI 

Surprise hit femme 
-^-rockers L7 tour non-stop 
as fans flock to their ram- 
bunctious shows to hear 
"Pretend We're Dead." 

Tibor Bozi. LGI 

R.E.M.'s Automatic lor 
the People becomes the 
top college album as 
Michael Stipe and his 
group win new fans. 

Stephanie Jennings LGI 

Headbanger's favorite 
Metallica wins big at the 
Bay Area Music Awards 
and tours Indonesia in 
April to near riots. 

Chuck Jackson, LGI 

R&B phenoms Boyz II 
Men go pop and get a $30 
million deal with Motown 
because of tenacious hits 
like "End of the Road." 

Chuck Jackson LGI 

" AlDS.teen pregnancy..drinking and driving 
Jm definitely not going to shy away from 
talking where kids need to be spoken to. 

-MC Lyte 

This year, MC Lyte goes 
ighter on the message, 
returning to fat beats 
and fat lyrics with Ain't 
No Other. 

Maurice Mcim 

At his best on his 15th 
album River of Dreams. 
44-year-old Billy Joel, 
master of pop and sweet 
doo-wop. goes on the 
road with what he says is 
his last tour. 

\ki uifici omjL tke 


Minnesota Twins 

figure skaters Katarina 

designated hitter Dave 

Witt and Brian Boitano 

Winfield on September 

hope to bring home 

16 becomes the 19th 

additional medals from 

player to make 3,000 

the 1994 Winter Olympics 


in Norway. 

Focus on Sports 

S Allen, Gamma/Liaison 









Orlando Magic's 
Shaquille O'Neal is called 
the new crown prince of 
the NBA, and becomes a 
solid celebrity with a 
book, TV appearances, 
product endorsements, 
and a debut rap album 
called Shaq Diesel. 

Chaisson, Gamma/Liaison 

Star quarterback Joe 
Montana, who led the San 
Francisco 49ers to four 
Super Bowl victories, 
becomes starting 
quarterback for the 
Kansas City Chiefs 
in 1993. 


Otto Greule. Allsport 

Super Bowl XXVIII 
The Dallas Cowboys win 30 to 
13 over Ihe Buffalo Bills on 
Super Sunday 1994. 

Monica Seles, top-ranked 
player in women's tennis, 
manages a smile during 
her recovery from a knife 
wound inflicted by a 
spectator at a match in 
Hamburg, Germany, on 
April 30. 


"The thrill is gone. 


—Michael Jordan 

Chicago Bulls guard 
Michael Jordan jolts the 
nation with the 
announcement of his 
retirement in October. 
Jordan's father James is 
slain July 23. 


ESPN2, d sporls cable channel 

for young people, makes plans, 
lo hil the screen with youth 
targeted events like skateboard 
ing. snowboarding, BMX biking. 

white water rafting and rock climbing 

The Toronto Blue Jays win 
their second consecutive 
World Series on October 
23, when a ninth-inning 
home run by outfielder 
Joe Carter gives them an 
8-6 victory over the 
Philadelphia Phillies in 
game six of the Series. 

Focus on Sports 

-i You dream it all those 

years as a kid, and then here 


you are - 

Al Leiter, Blue Jays relief pitcher 

Alexandre Daigle signs a 
S12.5-million. five-year 
contract with the Ottawa 
Senators in June, one of 
the most lucrative 
contracts in NHL history. 

Focus on Sports 

U.S. Champion and 1992 Olympic Bronze 

Medalist Nancy Kerrigan becomes the victim 
of an assault in January. Optimistic 
about her recovery. ^, 

the Olympic ^t ' 

Committee votes ^> ( 
Kerrigan onto the U.S. team. .c^> n 

Basketball superstar 

Slugger George 

Texas Rangers pitcher 

Charles Barkley of the 

Brett of the 

Nolan Ryan retires in 

Phoenix Suns is named 

Kansas City 

September at the age of 

the NBAs most valuable 

Royals retires 

45 after a record-setting 

player in May 1993. 

from baseball in 


Focus on Sports 

1993. after 20 
seasons and a 
career batting 
average of .307 

Steprien Dunn, Allsport 

Focus on Sports 


Branch Davidian leader. 
David Koresh. who 
claimed to be Jesus, dies 
in a fire with 74 of his 
followers, in Waco. 

Sarajevo. Bosnia's 
capital, continues to 
suffer Serb shelling. 

Japan's Crown Prince 
Naruhito marries Harvard 
grad Masaka Owada. 

Diana. Princess of Wales, 
separated a year from 
Prince Charles, curtails 
public appearances. 

Florida State quarterback 
Charlie Ward, wins the 
Heisman Trophy. 

Pittsburgh Penguin 
center. Mario Lemieux. 
diagnosed with Hodgkins 
disease, returns to the 
lineup for an NHL record 
17-game winning streak. 

Top Grossing Films 

Jurassic Park 
The Fugitive 
The Firm 

Sleepless in Seattle 
In the Line ol Fire 

Top Grossing Concerts 

Bette Midler. Radio City 
Music Hall 

Garth Brooks. Texas 

Billy Joel. Madison 
Square Garden Arena 

Grateful Dead. Sam Boyd 
Silver Bowl, Las Vegas 

Mdjor Theatricals 

Sunset Boulevard 


Kiss of the Spider Woman 

Angels in America 

Top Hip Hop Chants 

Tag Team. "Whoomp! 
There It Is 

"Hip Hop Hooray. Ho Hey 
Ho. " Naughty By Nature 


U^ci iMama 

Steffi Graf wins 
Wimbledon. French and 
U.S. Open victories. 

Lorena Bobbitt is found 
not-guilty due to 
temporary insanity for 
sexually mutilating 
estranged husband. John 

Chicago White Sox 
outfielder. Bo Jackson, 
his left hip held together 
by polyethylene and 
cobalt chrome, comes 
back after 18 months and 
pinch hits a home run in 
Comiskey Park. 

International Olympic 
Committee picks 
Sydney. Australia 
as the site of the 
Games in 
the year 

Martina Navratilova 
retires from tennis singles 
after a long and brilliant 

Solar energy 
manufacturing gets a 
boost as 68 utilities, 
serving 40% ol the 
nation's electricity 
consumers, form a 
consortium to buy $500 
million worth of solar 
energy panels during the 
next six years. 

Ravaged by hunters, the 
South China tiger 

less than 5,000; India's 
Bengal tiger has declined 
26% since 1989 to fewer 
than 4,000. 

Norway returns to whale 
hunting after a seven-year 
hiatus. The hunt violates 
a moratorium decreed by 
the International Whaling 

Non-militant Naomi Wolf 
makes feminism popular 
again with speaking 
engagements across the 
country and her book Fire 
With Fire. 

Two 10-year-old boys are 
found guilty of the 

kidnapping and murder of 
a 2-year-old in Liverpool, 

Ford Mustang, at the age 
of 30, gets a more 
powerful engine and 
Motor Trends Car of the 
Year Award. 

Panasonic 3DO 
Multiplayers video game 
system, with CD quality 
sound and a 32-bit 
processor, bids to be one 
of the main vehicles on 
the data superhighway. 

Barney the purple 
dinosaur shows no sign 
of extinction with 
sales of Barney- 

Rk. $500 


Top TV 

"NYPD Blue" 

"The Simpsons" ^ 


"Home Improvement" 

"David Letterman Show' 



"Murphy Brown" 



"Murder. She Wrote" 

Top Selling Books 

The Bridges ol Madison 
County, Robert James 

See, I Told You So, Rush 

The Way Things Ought To 
Be. Rush Limbaugh 

Nightmares & Dream- 
scapes, Stephen King 

Without Remorse, Tom 

Anne Rice 

The Joy Luck 
Club, Amy Tan 

Private Parts, 
Howard Stern 

Dolores Claiborne. 
Stephen King 

Top Albums 

Smashing Pumpkins, 

Siamese Dream 

Liz Phair, Exile in Guyville 

Tony Toni Tone, Sons ot 


Yo La Tengo, Painlul 

plans a network TV 
special and a feature film. 

The World Mourns: 
Rudolf Nuryev. ballet 

Agnes De Mille, American 


Audrey Hepburn, actress/ 

Oscar winner 

Dizzy Gillespie, bebop 

and jazzman 

William Golding, 1983 

Nobel laureate 

Brandon Lee, action-star/ 

Bruce Lee's son 

Vincent Price, actor/ 


Arthur Ashe, tennis 


Reggie Lewis, Boston 

Celtics star 

Bill Bixby, actor/director 

Frank Zappa, 70s pop 
music star 

Davey Allison, NASCAR 
race driver 

Emmylou Harris, 
Cowgirl's Prayer 

Digable Planet, Reachin' 
(A New Refutation ol Time 
and Space) 

U2. Zooropa 

Willie Nelson, Across the 

LLCoolJ, 14 Shots to the 

Sting. Ten Summoner's 

Dwight Yoakam, This Time 

Lemonheads, Come On 
Feel the Lemonheads 

Soul Asylum, Grave 
Dancers' Union 

Whitney Houston, 
soundtrack from The 

Dr. Dre, The Chronic 

Guns N' Roses, "The 
Spaghetti Incident?" 

Meat Loaf. Bat Out ol Hell 
II: Back Into Hell 

Snoop Doggy Dogg, 

MCRen. Shock of the 

Pnnted in USA © 1994 Jostens. Inc and World Book 94-022 («2138)